A Community of Faith

Did you know that as part of our regular schedule at All Saints Academy, all students are invited to celebrate the Eucharist on a regular basis?  Each grade “takes charge” of planning our celebrations and various priests from around the area join us as the Principle Celebrant for the day.  We feel it is a great way for the kids to take ownership of this piece of their faith life, and at the same time exposing them to different priests than what they might know from “home”.  The priests who come love it!  And the ASA community does too!  You are most welcome to join us for as many of these celebrations as you like!

For a full schedule of Masses coming up, click here!

All Saints Academy Prayer
Dear holy saints of God, we join our
prayers of praise to yours this day.
With you, we sing of Gods goodness,
rejoice in Gods mercy and
celebrate Gods incredible love.
Teach us to live as you lived –
always thinking of others,
always recognizing our weaknesses,
always rejoicing in Gods gifts,
always closely following Jesus.
Blessed are you, happy are you,
all you holy saints of God.
Pray for us that we, too, may someday
be among Gods Holy Ones.