Our History

Some thirty-five years ago, Aquidneck Island’s churches faced a crisis.  Increasing costs and declining enrollments strained their ability to keep their parish schools open.  In order to keep Catholic education a viable choice for their families, they voted to consolidate the existing parish schools into one regional Catholic School serving the needs of Newport County.  The founding members of the new corporation included the churches of St. Anthony, St. Augustine, St. Barnabas, St. Joseph, St. Lucy, and St. Mary.

The school was named Newport County Catholic Regional School and maintained two campuses.  The former St. Mary’s School building housed kindergarten through grade four and the St. Lucy’s School building housed grades five through eight.  In 1981, due to a decrease in enrollment, all grades were consolidated into the St. Lucy’s campus.  Another move followed in 1990 when the school was forced to move into the former St. Anthony’s School building in Portsmouth.  In 1994, the school was renamed All Saints Academy, The Newport County Catholic Regional School.

By 1997, it became clear that if the children of Aquidneck Island were to be ensured access to a viable Catholic education, there needed to be a school in Middletown.    The Diocese of Providence decided to support such a school and formed a new corporation All Saints Academy, Inc.  We moved back to the St. Lucy’s location where we remain today.

We’ve grown so much over the last few years, both as an organization and as a community.   While we’re proud of where we came from, we’re more excited about where we’re going.   We’re committed to a rigorous strategic planning process and are committed to the goals we’ve set for ourselves.