Why Choose ASA?

The Spirit at Work

All Saints Academy is a Catholic elementary school serving students in Pre-K through grade eight. As the Diocesan STEAM Magnet school, we exist to provide a quality faith-based education to the families living on Aquidneck Island and its surrounding communities.

All Saints Academy is strongly committed to all students and their families. The high caliber of our teachers, in conjunction with a positive educational environment, is conducive to learning excellence. Our goal is to have each and every child receive a quality education while experiencing tremendous personal growth and spiritual development.

Catholic schools provide more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. They teach children the skills, values, and self-discipline to succeed in a sometimes difficult world. They provide young people with a moral foundation and encourage them to believe in themselves and in God. They equip the leaders of tomorrow with the ability to make intelligent decisions and meet future challenges. Catholic schools foster courage, compassion, and honesty in students of all racial, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds in a caring and nurturing environment.

So it is at All Saints Academy.

While it’s true we offer a rigorous curriculum that meets the standards of both the Diocese of Providence and the State of Rhode Island; and we’re blessed to have a full spectrum cultural enrichment program, including chorus, drama, art and music; not to mention a fairly extensive sports program ~ none of those are the key to our success. That lies in our commitment to community. Forming strong partnerships among students, parents, teachers, staff and the surrounding communities enables us to provide the best possible education for our children.

We like to call that the Spirit at Work and it’s been said you can feel the vibe when you walk through our doors.