All Saints Pre-K Newsletter March 2015

June 1, 2015

June 2015



Second Star to the Right and Straight on till Morning!



I know… My exit from Neverland is a sad one for most of us! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there these many months. But like Wendy, and to quote her father, Mr. Darling “Sooner or later Nana, everyone must grow up.” And so it is… My Pre-K friends are leaving the Nursery this coming week. It is bittersweet for us all. I am always astounded as to how much PreK grows up from September till now! They grow up in more than one way; and it is now that they are ready to leave PreK and enter “real school”.


“Real School” is different in many ways. It is a time when children are not dropped at classrooms anymore, but with larger groups in a meeting room. They leave you and arrive back on a school bus each day… and more importantly they learn greater independence. Lunches are consumed in 20 minutes! Table work increases. Staying silent and on task multiplies for longer periods of time.  And daily Parent-Teacher time is very limited.


Real School is an opportunity for your student to grow and shine in the most independent ways! It means learning to read and write more efficiently. It means opening containers with limited assistance. Putting your coat on and away and stowing your OWN items. It is truly a time to begin learning how to be apart from Mom and Dad, and more self-sufficient. It is HARD. I won’t apologize for stating that. And as hard as it is … it is worth it! A child who can flourish in our world with limited help over the years is a child who will succeed and become a very good role model! And that is what we all want!


In these final days, please know I have had the privilege to help your youngster strive for that independence. I have encouraged their faith to grow in ways hopefully they can share with you about our God, and moreover, your child has developed a love for learning what is beyond that Second Star to the Right.


I promise your child is fully prepared for what lies ahead of him. It was a wonderful year “in the Nursery” but now it’s time to grow up!




Wendy Darling


aka … Ms. Dawn M. Grinnell