From the desk of the principal, Mrs. Brouse

June 29, 2017


All Saints STEAM Academy                                                                  Parent Update-
                                                          It’s SUMMERTIME!!!!
Dear Parents,
You can hear it in their voices, and see it in their energetic moving around, the summer is calling to one and all! The students have earned a rest, and the adults have as well. Now will come the time to reconnect with family and friends. We hope that there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and reflection for you this summer. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!
Before we leave, I want to thank each of you for the support and encouragement you have shared with our community over this year. Your smiles, kind words of praise and volunteer efforts created a happy and positive environment for students and faculty alike. You remain in our prayers throughout the summer and always.
The teachers are sent home report cards and summer packets, please review them with your students. Learning cannot take a two month break, so find opportunities for reading and math wherever you go. Explore the back yard with a magnifying lens to see the smaller creatures of life, observe the sky for weather changes, and watch the wave action at the beach. Let them cook with you, clean the house with you, garden with you and be your buddies. Childhood is fleeting, catch every moment you can to cherish your beautiful children.
Please tell your friends and spread the word- we are filling up our Pre- School 3 year old class, and our Pre-Kindergarten 4-5 year old class is filling fast as well! Sign up on the PTO Sign-Up Genius for Next year’s FUN events!
We will be doing our heavy housework this summer, so look for a fresh new face next year! If you want to help – call the office!!
Little STEAMers Camp promises to be a blast – have you signed on yet for the themed weeks?
Summer Office hours – 8-2pm Monday through Thursday, Friday the office is closed, please leave a message.
To quote Ms. Bartlett – Be well and be blessed.
Peace, Mrs. Brouse




All Saints STEAM Academy               End of May                Parent Update
What a beautiful month we have enjoyed together! We began with a well – attended Student Council movie afternoon with MOANA, and followed up that first week with the 10th SCRATCH Birthday party on Saturday! Our fellow SCRATCH enthusiasts joined us from the Met School, Thompson School, and EBC. We then hosted our first Ties and Tiaras dance on the 12th, another well enjoyed event! The Student Council sponsored SPIRIT WEEK on May 15- 19, was a great success! And over 60 students made the hills come alive with The Sound of Music on May 19 and May 20 at Portsmouth Middle School.


As we prayed the Rosary each day in honor of Mary, the students also created a May altar on Ascension Thursday, May 25. It remains in the lobby for all to view. During this month the Eighth Grade embarked upon their NYC adventure May 23 and 24th, and Grade Five spent a busy science night at the Boston Museum of Science. Other trips and end of the year events are coming up, so look for the teacher’s notes!
Here is the link to the PTO Sign Up genius for next year’s fun! Get involved!
STEAMing Around the Halls-
Pre-K- Ms. Dawn’s newsletter informs her folks on every single event coming up! One to look forward to is Medieval Day- the children will be Knights and Princesses for a day and relive the excitement and pageantry of the feudal times. The students love hearing Ms. Dawn read from King Arthur!
Primary Team- What do you do when you’ve read your fairy tales? At our STEAM Academy the K-grade 3 students used newspaper and tape to create the strongest chair for Goldilocks to sit in. The team that did not use scissors but only folded the paper had the strongest chair!
Elementary team-Grades 3-4 used manipulatives to learn fractions creating hamburgers and fraction strip displays. They are eagerly finishing up their reading novels, and beg to read more! Grade 5 has fantastic sequence book report creations- come read them displayed in the hall!
Middle School Team-Grade 6 is using the Noise Kit to study sound waves, Grade 7 is studying human body systems and will get to complete a frog dissection lab! Grade 8 is studying the motion of the ocean, and will enjoy the views from Ft. Adams Park in June!
As we look forward to next year, please note that some classes are nearing full capacity so waiting lists will be started. Be sure to have your paperwork secure with the office. Thank you to our many families who recommended AS²A, you will receive the $300 tuition discount. Remember- the new families must enroll and give your name on the application.
God Bless you and your wonderful families, and our brave Military heroes.

Mrs. Brouse








All Saints STEAM Academy                                                        May Blessings                                                  Parent Update
Thank you to all who made our Teacher Appreciation Week so special, every teacher has remarked how grateful they are for your delicious kindnesses. It is our privilege to work with your wonderful families, and an added pleasure when we are showered with kindnesses.

Sincerely, Mrs. Brouse
April showers bring May flowers- I would like to share our school blessings this spring, they are as numerous as the blooming flowers!
* SCRATCH 10th Birthday Party Saturday- all are welcome! Come join in the tech fun!
* The hills are alive- do you have your May 19-20 Sound of Music tickets yet? It will be a spectacular show!
*MOANA fun- 37 students sang along, made flowers and crafts yesterday with the Student Council and moderator Mr. Vidotto- thanks to all the older student help!
* PTO survey response- thanks to Denise Oliveira for the creation and Terri Tomaszewski for sharing the results- your ideas have formed an exciting year ahead for all! Watch for the calendar to come!
*Ham radio welcomes five new voices- thank you to Coach Mike Cullen for the hours of instruction to achieve success! Bravo to all who worked hard!
*Parade Float design- congratulations to all who submitted ideas, grade 7 student and Student Chaplain Maya Ruggiero was chosen by our School Board to share her design, runners up Gianna Wesling and Paige Bell will assist in the painting!
Field trip fun- what exciting travel plans are coming! The Zeiterion theater, Sturbridge Village, Fort Adams Park, Boston Museum of Science, KVH Industries, and the wonderful New York City adventure! We are on the road again!
*Friendships- so many made this year. Remember- friends meet in a moment, know for an hour, cherish forever. Staying with us or moving on- you all remain in our prayers always. Feel welcome to join us in the lobby this month for our morning Rosary decade







All Saints STEAM Academy                                                 End of March                                                       Parent Update           


Dear Parents,

Have you experienced the Best Lent Ever? There are many resources to guide us along the path of Jesus to Easter. The Third Grade led the Lent liturgy for our school this week and they did a wonderful job We remind the students to fast from- possibly a negative action, thought, or word, and to feast onpossibly a kind act, praying more, or reading the Bible. Every day we can make the life of someone else better.

In school, the students are encouraged to do their best work at all times. The monthly assemblies are an opportunity to celebrate those Students of the Month and Terrific Kids who have earned notice for their efforts. I appreciate your review and discussions with your child about their report card performance this week. Your efforts in preparing your student to arrive on time, well rested, and with assignments and food packed is key to their academic success along with their teacher’s facilitation in the classroom. Frequent tardiness and absences directly hinders a child’s school performance, and we applaud our many AS²A students who are ready to go in the morning!

Moving ahead:

The Bunny is hopping down the trail on April 8– do you have your Breakfast tickets yet?

Our Spring Scholarship Tea on April 23 has less than ten tickets left-we are thrilled! 100% of all monies go directly to tuition help for those in need.

When we return from vacation it will be time for Our 4th Annual STEAM NIGHT on April 27. What a fantastic showcase for our project based, blended learning. All will be amazed!!


Down our halls:

  •  Pre- K- Students are preparing for their Roman festival and at the end of Lent their Passion Play. They are strengthening their social and academic skills as spring blooms.
  •  Primary students are continuing their studies while enjoying the season. Many are involved with the Sound of Music drama in May, as well as presenting their robotics learning at the Brown University Robot Block party this month.
  •  Elementary students are determined to construct their squirrel proof bird house outdoors, and to continue improving their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  •  Middle school students are advancing their understanding in their subjects while they move towards completing their google 20X projects to be presented on STEAM NIGHT. I have had the privilege of observing the faculty at work this month and continue to be convinced that All Saints STEAM Academy is blessed with the most collaborative professionals around! And your good families are the fortunate recipients!

I wish each of you a Blessed Easter, full of hope and joy!


Mrs. Brouse

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