From the Desk of the Principal, Mrs. Brouse

March 31, 2020

All Saints STEAM Academy                                               April  Parent Update

no fooling!

Dear Parents,

As I type this, I realize how much the world as we know it has changed. Spring is still here though, – flowers early blooming, animal life growing, and longer daylight hours.

And now, teachers are distance teaching online, as I saw with so many classes yesterday. Our faculty have read books, shared art, instructed math and reading lessons, checked spelling and vocabulary use, and discussed social studies and writing, poetry, science and art. They have provided subject content to complete and submit for grading. Parents and teachers are an email away. And all teachers are making a call to see how everyone is doing.  My first video hit Facebook with more to follow.

Throughout April this is how we will continue to provide instruction, and we appreciate your vital role in connecting the bridge to your learners.

Thank you. Thank you for the sacrifices you make daily to keep your world and that of your family secure and safe. Your children will look back on these times and be in awe of your courage and strength. I am in awe of you every day we move forward together.

If we were in school, we would begin each day with a joke. As April starts with a fools fun day, we share laughter and light hearts to make our learning together more fun. I encourage you to do this- today and every day this month! Email me your jokes and I will share them with all!

I will start- Knock knock- who’s there? Tank- Tank who? You’re welcome! J

In addition to your students observing nature and sketching their plant, take time to enjoy the outdoors, or cook a meal together, or sing a song or say a prayer. You are strong, you are brave, and God is right here with us.

Be well and be blessed,
Mrs. Brouse


                                                                                                              March 27, 2020

Hello Wonderful All Saints Parents,

You and your learners have made it to the end of week two- Well Done! 

The time spent in reading, writing, calculating and computing have been designed for each student by their teachers to make the best use of the remote learning opportunities. With their research and preparation, teachers are continuing to provide quality instructional experience, a hallmark of Catholic education.

 As we evolve through this remote situation, we applaud your efforts to strengthen the bridge across school and home. Your shared concerns and ideas are much appreciated, as this collaboration makes the learning process move ahead. Teachers will be contacting their families with schedules of online face to face online instruction time as age appropriate to their grade level. This interaction will provide students the opportunity to increase their understanding. Please look for the times coming.

We are planning to send out the 2nd Trimester report cards Monday via email.  Watch for it.

Continue to take good care in these spring days ahead!


Hello Wonderful All Saints Students,

You and your parents have made it to the end of week two- Well Done!

The attention and effort to your studies have been steady and show good efforts. We are proud of you! What lessons do you like the best? Do you have a favorite one? Please let me know. You can email me at 

Your teachers have met together online and shared exciting ideas for interesting lessons. We want to spend time with you online in the days ahead, so look for times coming soon from your class teacher. 

How is your nature sketch coming? In my backyard I have a cherry blossom tree in early bloom. It is growing with very faint pink small buds. I am observing it each morning.

I am missing our school days together. I know that we are all willing to stay safe apart so that we can work on a way to stop this virus. Pray every day with me for the scientists working on a cure, the health workers taking care of the sick and testing people, and every person making sacrifices at the jobs and at home. We will be together again, and what fun that will be!

Continue to take good care in these spring days ahead!

Be well and be blessed,
Mrs. Brouse


                                                                                                              March 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

We would like to share the Fab Newport website that has great information to keep your child focused on learning and creativity.  Fab Newport and AS²A have had a longstanding relationship in teaching all aspects of STEAM.  In fact, two of our technology teachers are from Fab Newport! 

Go to and explore


                                                                                                              March 24, 2020

Dear AS²A Families,

The teachers are so happy with the positive feedback and pictures they are receiving from you.  Although we are not physically in the school building we have to maintain attendance records to report to the state.  Your help in this is mandatory.  Please email and check in with your child’s teacher each day before 10:00 am so we can take attendance.  The information has to go to the RI Department of Education by the end of the morning because the state closes the reporting site by this time each day.

Thank you for your help.


Monday Update                                                                                March 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope your weekend was a happy one, as normal as possible while our actions are contained to home.

The excellent lessons for your students continues remotely, and all teachers are reporting collaboration and communication in daily learning! We love your photos and positive messages as the lessons proceed. It is a high point of our day! Thank you! Keep up the steady support!

Our faculty continues to share ideas and learning with each other as well. Today, we will zoom together to pray for all and discuss plans forward. Please know that we are an email or phone call away. Reach out to us at any time.

You are each a valued member of our All Saints STEAM Academy family, and we will support each other throughout this time. Take comfort as the season of spring continues to unfold around us. Have you observed nature each day? My cherry blossom tree is just starting to bloom!

Take good care of your precious families. I will reach out again soon!

Anita Brouse

                                                                                                              March 19, 2020

All Saints STEAM Academy Parent & Student Update         

Dear Parents and Students,

As announced yesterday, we will continue remote learning to April 3, 2020, at which time the Covid19 health status will be reviewed and school activity will be determined.

Throughout this time, school learning will continue on a remote level, with teachers emailing and responding online to instruct and challenge your students. Thank you for the overwhelming positive responses we have received through messages and photos you have sent showing your student in action. This positivity makes our teachers who receive it, and you, who send it, stronger and happier every day that we are apart.

I have always loved nature as a learning classroom for my science students. In these weeks of winter to spring transition, life is full of miracles and change. I would like to invite each All Saints student to focus on one plant in their yard or nearby area, to sketch and describe as the weather warms and growth occurs.

When we return, we will celebrate together, and your nature focus will be displayed throughout the school. If you are inspired to write your insights and feelings as well, I encourage you to do so! Can’t you just see our halls and rooms filled with your beautiful art!

I miss you every day, as does each of your teachers. With prayers and good thoughts, we will take care of ourselves and our families to rejoin again in the spring. I can hear you now reciting our All Saints prayer in the foyer.

Dear holy saints of God,

We join our prayers of praise to yours this day.

With you, we sing of God’s goodness, rejoice in God’s mercy,

And celebrate God’s incredible love.

Teach us to live as you lived- always thinking of others,

Always recognizing our weaknesses, always rejoicing in God’s gifts.

Always closely following Jesus.

Blessed are you, happy are you, all you holy saints of God.

Pray for us that we too may someday be among God’s Holy Ones.


Sincerely, Mrs. Brouse



                                                                                                             March 18, 2020

Dear Parents,

You are doing a fine job!

 We are very proud of your flexibility, patience, dedication, concern, attention, and courage in stepping up to be your child’s facilitator of learning in this remote learning time! School is continuing through teacher’s plans to you!

You are doing a fine job!

We have faith that you will follow the health precautions in your homes and your community. Keep your families well rested, well nourished, and well within safety boundaries when out in the sunshine. 

You are doing a fine job!

We believe that you will listen and empathize with your students when you both are missing your daily routines at school and work. Set up your own home day routine. Talk together, keep a blessings journal, say a prayer for someone else, reach out online through Facetime with another. 

You are doing a fine job!

We know as parents that you are your child’s primary educators. We are your partners in that life journey, and that is why at All Saints STEAM Academy, we prepared thoroughly and ahead of time to make the classroom transition from school to home begin on time Monday morning. We are right with you in making every effort to keep this Covid19 experience from interrupting school learning as much as possible!

Please know to reach out to us with any concerns as we move forward through these next weeks connected remotely. You remain in our prayers and good thoughts. As our school sign says- Be Well And Be Blessed.

Your report card grade so far- High Honors With Distinction!

Keep up the excellent efforts!       
Mrs. Brouse


All Saints STEAM Academy
Parent Update                                                                              February 7, 2020

Dear Parents,

A week ago today, as Catholic Schools Week events wound down, students were proud and entertained with their talent show, and teachers were treated to a delicious lunch, prepared and served, by you! It was a lovely event, and we are so grateful for all of your efforts! Thank you to the parents who watched the students, the parents who signed up to bring in the lunch, and to Jeanna, Melissa, Dannae, Silha, and Meghan
who hosted the event. Bravo!!

This is the enrollment window now– so sign up your students for next year’s education excellence, and do so before March 1 to have the $150.00 Registration Fee waived! Refer a family to our school, and receive $500.00 tuition credit if they register! We have been very busy scheduling tours and placing students in next year’s classes, be a part of our success!

Looking Ahead-
The following folks have volunteered for the St. Patrick’s Day Newport Parade on March 14. We will set up the float at Mello’s Construction on West Main Road up the hill from All Saints at 3:30 on March 13. The two blue school banners will be on each side of the flatbed, and we want to add more for the show! * Please let me know if an 8 am meeting on Tuesday the 25 when we return is good for you, or a 3:30pm meeting that same day! Green refreshments will be served! All are welcome- including the following volunteer families-
Coriander, Thomas, Artis, Hanks, Carotenuti, Langstaff, Abosso, Hayes, Guild, Medeiros, Tasso, Gagin, Welchman, Tobin, Argueta

All who are interested in being a part of our Spring Scholarship Tea on April 26, we will have our first planning meeting on Thursday, February 13 at noon in the office. This annual event is considered one of the very best tea socials around-join us!

The All Saints STEAM Academy Summer Camp is coming your way! 8 weeks of terrific fun on site with enthusiastic faculty counselors! The dates are the weeks from June 22 through the week of August 10! Registration is coming!

Work is love made visible – Kahil Gibran
Happy Valentine’s Day!

All Saints STEAM Academy                                 Parent January 2020 Update

Were you on your feet when the New Year began? Did you run outside and bang pots and pans? Did you watch the ball drop? It is a significant time to reflect how we have been blessed and challenged in the past year, and to make hopeful plans for the coming months. And this year was a decade turning- what was your life like ten years ago? Thank you for being a part of our wonderful school community now!

As you are aware, our community is embracing the Maghuyop family as they begin again after the destructive house fire. Kingston rejoined his fifth grade class today, and Trinity continues to heal at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. There are two ways to help out our friends, and we thank you
in advance for your generosity!
➢ Gift card donation- any type, any amount, please send to the office with          the amount noted
➢ Maghuyop Charitable Fund at Bank Newport, please make checks out            to this name only
The school is creating cards and letters for the children, and we continue to pray for their strength and healing in the days to come.

As you experienced with our beautiful Christmas Pageant and Little Women play, each All Saints student is encouraged and welcomed to be the actor, singer, artist and creator, in our drama world, and in all of our events! Look for our Spring Drama news coming later this month! We are blessed to have the creative vision of Drama Director and Pre-K Teacher Ms. Dawn lead
the way!

On January 8, the Middle School students will present the Science Fair projects between
1:30-3:00 pm, come by and praise their efforts. Thank you Middle School Science and Math
teacher, Dr. Thombs!
On January 11, our FLL Robotics team, Architectonas, will compete at the FLL State Competition at Roger Williams University. The public may come in the afternoon to cheer on the teams from around the state. Having won the First Place regional competition at Portsmouth Middle School on December 14, our team is gearing up to give their best efforts! Thank you,
Parent Coaches, Todd and Jessica Thomas!
On January 14, Grade 5 will lead our monthly school liturgy, all are invited to join us. Thank you, Elementary Team Religion Teacher, Mrs. Everin!
January 26-31 is National Catholic Schools Week. We celebrate this week the AS²A way with special events each day. Monday is Movie Day, Tuesday is our 9 am school Liturgy, Wednesday is Parent lunch with their student, Thursday is History Night at the Museum, and Friday is Talent Show and Teacher Lunch! I will be contacting the generous folks who volunteered to make our Teacher Lunch a great meal, and one of the best days of the year for our teachers!
Let’s all work to follow the message of our school road sign-                   PEACE IN 2020!
                                                                                               Sincerely, Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy                            Parent Update December 2019

Dear Friends,

We are in the second week of Advent waiting as we prepare for the birth of Jesus. It is not Christmas yet. Each day, our students are reminded that the best gifts are from the heart. This month our value is charity. We can give patience, love, cheerfulness, kindness, and time to each other. We pray for all to receive a Christmas message of acceptance and friendship. We know that Jesus Christ will bring us peace, and we look forward to the New Year with hope.

Your student will bring their report card home today. Spend time to discuss their challenges and successes. How can we collaborate to make their education journey a successful one? Every teacher is willing to bridge the home and school for our students to achieve their goals. Reach out to them with your suggestions and concerns,    and continue to thank them for their dedication and professionalism.

Tomorrow, December 12, is an ALL Saints dining out at Panera in Newport. You may order food online or go in person. These are great times to say hi to your fellow AS²A neighbor! Give the gift of friendship to others!

Monday, December 16th, we will attend the 9 am Mass and pray for our Diocese of Providence Catholic Schools Superintendent Dan Ferris, on the passing of his father this past week. Please keep him in your prayers. That evening at 6:00 pm, in the Church, all students are expected to come in holiday dress to present our Christmas Nativity Program. This event will showcase our Band students, and every grade will sing the Christmas story. Nativity actors will be in costume for the show. The doors open to the public at 6:30pm.

Christmas parties are planned in each grade, so look for news from your teachers!

We return in the New Year on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

 A Blessed and Happy Christmas to each and everyone!

                                     Your All Saints STEAM Academy Faculty and Staff


Hello Holidays!
Dear All Saints STEAM Academy Families,

Happy Thanksgiving

God’s blessings be with you and your loved ones on this day of thanks.
We are grateful for the privilege to share the education journey with
your wonderful children. Enjoy every minute of the feast!
Your All Saints STEAM Academy Family

Coming Up-

December 6 Little Women Play at the AS²A Theater In The Round
December 7- Breakfast With Santa- Volunteer Parents- 13 signed
up! We need set up AFTER the play-around 8pm, serving on
Saturday at 8:30 and 9:30 am seatings, and clean up
December 9-13 Book Fair- Volunteer Parents- 15 signed up! We
need set up help and cashiers through the week, and break down
December 16- All school Christmas Nativity Pageant, St. Lucy’s
Church, 6:30 pm, All students in holiday best to sing with their
class, Older band members will be performing
December 21- January 1, 2020 Christmas Vacation
January 2- School begins

All Saints STEAM Academy
Parent Update                                                       Hello October! 2019
Dear Parents,
September went quickly by from the start before Labor Day to now with new classes, new teachers, and new routines to settle into. We appreciate that the students are on time and ready to continue their learning each day with our dedicated teachers! By the end of this month, every class will have gone on their first field trip, from the apple orchard to the beach.
We have been busy implementing our grant initiatives! Each team now has their iPads on charging carts being used in classes from the pre-school through grade 5. The middle school classes are using their Mac pro laptops to annotate, investigate and calculate! Mrs. Green in Kindergarten and Mrs. Villareal in grade 8 invite student interaction with the mobile white
boards screens every day.
Yesterday both RI Catholic and Newport Daily News were in the school reporting on our wonderful learning experiences. The Robotics team interviewed the Mayor of Newport, Jamie Bova, for their research on problems facing city buildings and public spaces. We are privileged
to work with your children. Thank you for sharing our good news with your friends!
You have received the November Raffle Calendars brought home by your students on the last day of September. From today, October 1, through to 5 pm on October 31, Halloween, we encourage you to sell everywhere to everyone! This is the fall fundraiser which supports our community, so come and get more when you need them! The top seller will receive a $50.
Amazon gift card, the second place top seller a $25. Amazon gift card, and the top selling class will enjoy a pizza party!!
Following are upcoming events to note- we welcome your support!
October 4- Blessing of the Pets 2:15pm on front lawn
October 5- 9:30 am- AS²A STEAMin Ahead CAR RACE!
October 15- Flu Clinic 3-5 pm
October 16- 9 am School Mass, Chipotle Family Dinner Out! 5-9 pm
October 17- School Picture Day- all in uniform!
October 25- Parent Teacher Conference Day- NO SCHOOL
October 27- Trunk or Treat- 2-4 pm
*Invitation to the generous raffle calendar donation gatherers- please come and help wrap the calendar items on Thursday, October 10 from 3:30- 4:30. Refreshments will be served!

All Saints STEAM Academy                                                      First Day Yay!


Dear Parents,

The first day of the school year has progressed smoothly, all students joining in a morning prayer service to start their efforts to be the best they can! We practiced all three drills as a school, and teachers reviewed class rules and expectations. Lunch went smoothly, please pack a napkin for each child in their bag. I was so impressed with how many older students offered service as roustabouts to clean the lunchroom! Care and concern for classmates and teachers was witnessed throughout the day in all areas, and although we end the day in rain, it was a sunny and positive start to a successful school year! Thank you Parents for dropping your students off on the playground. They are in good hands with our wonderful teachers!


Mrs. Brouse


All Saints STEAM Academy – Mid Summer Hello! – Parent Update 2019

Hello Friends!

Today marks the mid way point in our summer break- five weeks since we ended and five weeks to go until the start of a new school year! Are you busy making new memories? It is a blessing that you are able to share seeing the world through your child’s eyes- enjoy every minute!

There are so many ways to teach your children through these summer months. Nature is the best teacher. The appreciation and care for the beautiful world God has given us is our focus for the coming year. AS²A is in partnership with Clean Ocean Access to care for our island beaches, and we compost and recycle throughout the school year. We will continue to strive to be good stewards of our planet. And beyond- celebrate the moon landing!!

School is open every day from 9 – 3 pm, stop by and say hi! If you need to visit the uniform closet, it is open and ready.

There are many boxes to unpack this summer- new Ipads, new Mac Book Airs, and new computers. These devices and the infrastructure upgrade that supports it are funded by our van Beuren Charitable Foundation grant we were awarded in spring. It will be a terrific learning year ahead with our talented faculty in place, eager students ready to explore, and YOU to come join in the fun and support our many events!

While you are out and about, please keep an eye out for any possible donations we could use in our November Raffle Calendar. This major fundraiser supports our school in so many ways, and the prizes are awesome when everyone contributes!

While you are on your social media, don’t forget to share our school link with your friends. The more we move out, the more our good news travels!  In sharing your best decision to come to All Saints STEAM Academy, there is a $500 tuition credit you will receive if you refer a family and they join us!

Spread Our Good News!

Happy Sunny Days Ahead,

Mrs. Brouse


All Saints STEAM Academy – Parent Update – End of School Year 2019
Dear Parents,
As we celebrate Pentacost Sunday, let us keep in our hearts and minds over
the summer the gifts of the Holy Spirit and greet each day as a blessing from God. That is how we began each day in school, with prayer and lessons to treat all with love and respect. Our monthly value for June is Faithfulness, may the summer bring you many ways to share your faith.
This last week of school is filled with final lessons, ending projects, and the
closing of books, programs and lockers. We must also close time we spend
with some of our friends, while welcoming new folks to our school community! This year we say good bye to Mrs. Sornberger in grade 7, and hello to Dr. Michael Thombs. We say goodbye to Mrs. Thompson in grade 3 and hello to Mrs. Gretchen Everin. We also say good bye to Mrs. Silvia Perez in Pre-Kindergarten and hello to…… as yet we are still interviewing for this position, if you know of anyone interested. We will also be hiring for the Extended Day Director position if you are interested.
Celebrate with your students on the hard work they accomplished this year.
The elementary years of our education are the foundation to successful
adulthood – every year is so important to cherish and enjoy. Children who
spend time with their parents are more secure and successful in their lives. As we look to these long summer days, find fun things to do in your backyard and home with your children. Read, write, draw, explore, travel, sing, play, cook, walk, garden, paint and dance through the break- see the world through their eyes!
Next year, jump in and participate as a room parent and choose one of the
many Parent- Teacher events to plan, for your benefit and that of your
children- they will always remember when Mom and Dad were a part of their world!
God’s blessings to you all until we meet again,
Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy     Parent Update              May 1, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are an Easter People!
With the strength of our faith we can move forward to make our world a better place for all. Each day at AS²A, our students hear the Gospel message, and work to show Christian values in action. April was the value of compassion, the value for May is justice. We live with respect and concern for others and a calling to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is shown in the classroom, on the playground, to and from school, in our neighborhoods, and within our families.

In April our students worked hard before and after the spring break to accomplish their curriculum work as well as their technology projects, which they will proudly share with you tomorrow on STEAM NIGHT from 6-7:30pm. * Please note the time.

St. Mary’s Bay View Academy recently visited and got an insight into the student’s projects- and they were amazed! Be proud of your
student’s efforts as they teach you! I look forward to greeting you tomorrow!

Next week is YOUR opportunity to thank your teachers for all of their efforts this year as we celebrate the National Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10. 18 folks have signed up to volunteer during this time, and they all have received email to contribute a daily treat for the teachers. YOUR homework is to send your teacher a message of appreciation- email them, write a note, call them, draw a picture, say a prayer for them, recommend them to a friend, or think of a way to send them thanks!

Mary Poppins will be performed at the Portsmouth Middle School on May 10 and 11. Come support the tremendous efforts and hours of rehearsal Ms. Dawn and the cast have put in. It will be a fantastic event!

Our Military Music Salute will be held on May 23 at 1:30 in the Multi- Purpose room. We ask that any military folks who would like to give a 1-2 minute reflection of their service please contact the office and we will fit you into the program. We must know by May 16th! This is also the day that we invite you to eat with your student. Pre students eat in their rooms, K-grade 3 eat from 12-12:20, and grades 4-8 from 12:20-12:25. Please let the office know by May 16th if you can join us!

The Eighth Graders are headed to NYC on May 28 and 29- this is the 16th year our graduating class has hit the Big Apple to enjoy Broadway, museums, restaurants, and all that the city has to offer. Our thanks to Mrs. Villareal who gives 150% energies to create this life memory for the  students!

June will bring events including band concert, ice cream social, end of year parties, and graduations. Let’s share our Attitude of Gratitude for the wonderful school community we create!

Mrs. Brouse

Parent Update                                                              End of March, 2019

Dear Parents,

As we journey through Lent, please know that you are in our daily prayers for support and encouragement. We appreciate the sacrifice you make for Catholic education, and we are witness to the results in our graduates successful assimilation into the high school world, equipped with the study skills and academic foundation so needed for future accomplishments. Come see the students in action on STEAM NIGHT May 2 from 6-8 pm, you will be so proud!

March definitely came in like a lion and went out like a lamb! We had a snow day on March 4th, and freezing temperatures followed for several days. But that did not stop a record number of AS²A St. Patrick’s Day parade participants on March 16th! We have a long history with Mello’s Construction who provides us with the float truck, as they have had children come to our school. We are blessed all these years to count them among our loyal families!

Thank you to our families who came to help set up the float, who road on the float, and who helped break it down and transport it back to school. We will hold a contest to find the best design for next year’s float, and we will put it together this summer!

Yesterday, on the last day of the month, we held our 19th annual AS²A Spring Scholarship Tea, which was sold out in record time! All the funds that were raised from ticket and raffle sales goes directly to families in need of tuition assistance. We hold dear our close friendship with the St. Lucy’s community who generously give their time and energies to help create this lovely event. All had a lovely tea time, and this year the tea honored Mrs. Barbara Thompson, our third grade teacher who will be retiring this June.

Ms. Dawn and cast are hard at work to present the BEST Mary Poppins play ever on May 10th and 11th at the Portsmouth Middle School. It will be a Fantastic Show!!

This month you received the second trimester report cards. The students are directed daily to make the best use of their talents with their academic efforts. I am sure you are proud of all of their hard work! Please remember that all concerns are to be brought first to the teachers for constructive conversations. They are willing and able to provide insight when needed.
As we welcome new families to our community, we thank all who spread our good school news far and wide!

Peace and Easter blessings to each of you,

Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy         Parent Update        March 1, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

February’s month of love went by quickly, many have remarked to me. Not enough snow, some have complained. Bad flu season, seems like everyone has lingering colds, the news tells us daily. The groundhog, whose prediction success rate is near 40% at best, has indicated that spring is on its way.

These same concerns cycle around every year, and we always respond as if they were a brand new event. Why?
Because in the world of childhood, every change is exciting,nothing ever gets old! How many times have you had the blessing of reading to children, only to have them select the same book again, and again. Every time it is read is a new joy, a new image to connect with. So it is with everything in childhood; seasons, snow days, sicknesses, stories, everything!
Let us learn from our children in this season of Lent and spring. Enjoy each day’s events as if they were brand new, celebrate life with a child’s eyes. At All Saints, our teachers come every day to celebrate the challenges and the successes with your students. We bring laughter and excitement into the classroom, and outside into our learning world! Come and see the world of next year for your student this Thursday at our Fast Forward Open House at 10 am- you will be assured that the very best education environment for your child to continue to celebrate life is here at All Saints STEAM Academy.

Coming up this month ~
~ Grade 8 Indoor Yard Sale-on March 9 from 8am 2pm. What treasures for great prices for a great cause to send them to NYC for their graduation.

~St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float ride on Saturday, March 16! Be ready to cheer! Details coming!

~March 17 stop by CCRI in Warwick to congratulate our middle school winners!
~Mary Poppins rehearsals continue each week!

To a child, every minute of every day is new!

Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy      Parent Update      February 2019

Dear Parents,
The first month of this year was filled with learning in all areas- learning to live our faith through service for others in being peacemakers in our world- food collections, cards, messages for others, and sharing Liturgy with our military families.
Our learning continued throughout the curriculum culminating in the extensive research of our History Night projects.
Catholic Schools Week celebrated learning of the arts through our movie fun and the student led Talent Show!
The teachers were blessed with an artistically delicious nautical themed lunch.  THANK YOU to all who contributed especially our committee Tine Rustad, Gretchen Alaniz, Lorisa Rivers, and Tammy Sanborn.

Our monthly value in February is love!  Students are encouraged daily in prayer to show love and respect for all.
This is also the time for next academic year’s plans to continue to come to the school you love! The 2019-2020 tuition rates are posted. We have made strong efforts to keep the slight increase below the cost of living.
To see what tremendous education value you receive for your tuition we invite you to come and visit your next year’s teachers during our


Thursday, February 28, 10-Noon
Come and see your next year teacher in action!
It will be a regular school morning for the students, we welcome you to see our success in action! Please contact our faculty with any questions or ideas you wish to share to make next year terrific!
Looking forward
~Our Spring Scholarship Tea is set for March 31- our next committee meeting is Wednesday, February 6 at noon in the office.
~The folks signed up for our St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be contacted to meet soon. The Parade is March 16 in Newport.
~Mary Poppins play information will be coming out soon, auditions are Wednesday, February 6.

See you soon!

Mrs. Anita Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy            Parent Update                       January 2, 2019
Happy and Blessed New Year!
We are gifted to be together again on our education journey at All Saints STEAM Academy! The celebration of the birth of Jesus into our world renews us with hope for all to come in 2019. From Christmas Day on December 25 to the Epiphany- the visit of the three kings to the baby Jesus on January 6, Catholic Christians mark these days with prayer and reflection on the revelation of Christ to man. These are twelve holy days to be grateful for the many blessings in our lives- those of family,health, security and love.
Epiphanies are sudden realizations which lead us to new awareness and learning. Much as the visit of the Three Kings brought to man the realization of the manifestation of God through the Baby Jesus, we experience new understanding when we can see something in a new light. That is what leads many to make resolutions in the new year. Change comes from a new understanding of a situation, and a resolution of our efforts to improve ourselves and our world. So cheers to the new year and God Bless us on our journey!
Coming up are many opportunities to make your child’s school year exceptional!
First- strengthen the communication triangle between you , your student and school. Help them set realistic goals to achieve and daily review your student’s planners and the work they submit, check engrade online, and review the school handbook guidelines. When school behavior expectations are reinforced at home and school, students are secure in everyone being invested in their success!

Second- attend the PTO PARENT MEETING JANUARY 10 at 6:30 pm- babysitting provided- to learn of all winter and spring events! Catholic Schools Week January 27- February 2- Is coming up fast!
Third-come cheer on our basketball girls and boys teams at the Newport Hut, dates TBD- thanks to parent Dennis Smith (Ava-7th, Aubrey-5th, Mason-2nd) who organized the coaches and practices, ran the Parents Night Out fundraiser, and ensured each player improved their skills and self image!
Fourth-send your school choice message out to the world! Share our good news with others- on Facebook, Twitter, in church, with the babysitter and neighbor and when the opportunity arises.
My most recent opportunity arose at the gym to share how great our Pre-School and Pre- Kindergarten teachers and programs are! I am a proud principal!


Mrs. Anita Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy        Parent Update       November 16, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have been reminded three times recently how this coming holiday is just another day for many- they are either working or alone. While my daughter will also be working as an Army nurse this holiday in Seattle, she is surrounded by love and support from RI across the nation. Let us pray that all the folks working or alone feel our good thoughts and prayers as we give thanks for our blessings. If you have been able to reach out and invite others to share your meal, that is a blessing in itself.

Our school value this month is gratitude, and we truly have so much to be thankful for. We are grateful for YOU, for choosing to be a part of our community. We are grateful for our STUDENTS, who have enjoyed lessons both inside the classroom, and on wonderful field trips. We are grateful for our TEACHERS, who continue to facilitate student understandings in all curriculum areas, creating projects and experimenting with new ideas. We are grateful for our FAITH service provided many food items and socks for the St. Joseph Parish community, and they were very grateful.

Our November Raffle Calendar is a success this month, our students anticipate the daily drawing with much excitement! The Craft Fair directed by Grade 5 teacher Mrs. Gullison was a lovely event, the vendors and customers were happily busy all day! Coming up, those of you who signed up for the Book Fair December 3-8, and the Breakfast With Santa on December 8, stay alert- information will be coming your way.

I am always open to new ideas, and that is how the Family Game Night, November 29 idea came to be. Make sure you RSVP by November 26 to join in the fun!

Another idea was to share a lunch with your students. During Catholic Schools Week in January we will try to honor that request to eat lunch together. There will be a date that week when you can join us. More information will coming closer to that date.

Another idea coming is a December Parent Evening Out babysitting event hosted by the basketball teams to raise funds for uniforms. Look for information coming soon!

Please send your student looking their best in their uniforms for Picture Day Monday!

The first trimester ends November 30 and report cards will be coming out very soon afterwards. Please review with your students what their focus should be on as they journey through the year ahead.

Peace, Mrs. Brouse

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.    Psalm 136

All Saints STEAM Academy                  Parent Update                      October 22, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

NEASC has come and gone – the team felt hospitality from all members of our school community. They were treated to delicious food, lively conversations, and an exciting spirit of learning throughout their visit. Thank you to all who made an effort to help us complete this ten year accreditation process.

We are now in that time of year when fall events roll into holiday traditions, and it takes each of you to make the memories great! Our event board with your names will be displayed in the front hall in case you need to see what you signed up for in September! The number ten is for two things to keep our school community alive and supported. First, 10 hours of time is requested from each family to support events throughout the year. All of these are FUNraisers – breakfasts, book fairs, mentoring, coaching, dramas, and teacher appreciations.

Second, 10 calendars are requested to be sold by each family. This is the only fall FUNDraiser we ask of our community, and these monies go to support our school and the many scholarships we give. You are not limited to ten, we have students eagerly selling to earn one of the top three Amazon gift card prizes. Ask for more in the office! October 31 at 5:30pm the selling closes- so hurry!

We have a long-term substitute music teacher, Mr. Greg Bennett, who will be with us until after the Christmas program.


In this month of saints the students are learning to use their talents for the good of all!

>The pets will be blessed by Fr. John O’Brien at 2:15 Tuesday in the front of the school.

>The flu clinic is also Tuesday from 3-5 pm.

> Parent teacher conferences are this Friday. Please be on time and timely for your conference. Have your concerns ready to ask, check all your student’s work prior so you will be prepared.

> CO2 car race this Saturday from 9-10:30 in multipurpose room.  Then – BOO!! The Trunk or Treat is that afternoon from 2-4 pm!  Thank you to participants- all are welcome!!!

>We trick or treat among classrooms dressed as our saint on October 31. Students are to come in uniform and change into their costume in the afternoon. Please make sure these are simple enough for them to put on by themselves.

 >We will celebrate our school’s feast day on November 1 with a 9 am liturgy.

> The weather is colder! Winter uniform is required for all days including PE on Friday. Outdoor recess will be every day unless below freezing and precipitating.

Through all of this busy month, we will continue to pray for all of our wonderful families.            

Enjoy the fall!                                                       
Mrs. Brouse                                                                                          


All Saints STEAM Academy                   Parent Update                               End of September

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is the first of the monthly letters I will send throughout the academic year on School Messenger to you. Please review carefully for an insight into our school life. September’s Ice Cream Social kick off to Labor Day welcomed over 100 folks, and the GRANDS Breakfast over 50 happy early birds! The PTO event sign up in the lobby is full for each event, what a great show of support this month!

If you were unable to attend the Parent Meeting please contact your student’s teacher to receive important information. Each classroom teacher will be reaching out to the room parents to plan ahead- it promises to be an exciting year!

Thank you for completing the NEASC Parent survey- we are recording the responses and reflecting on your messages. Overall, we appreciate the overwhelming positive remarks, as well as the insights for improvement, including timely communication from the office. Count on this message at the end of each month to plan forward. Always check online for current updates!

I would like to share some parent guidelines for a successful year ahead from my research. If this is your practice- keep going. If not, try to incorporate these into your home life. Your children are wonderful, and it is our privilege to facilitate their learning.

Onward on the AS²A journey!

Mrs. Brouse


Limit screen time to less than 2 hours a day.

Active play at least for 1 hour a day (school recess is 20 minutes daily)

Give children simple chores- praise them for their responsibilities.

Eat together often as a family.

Take time to read together, and talk about their school day.

Play math fraction games – cooking and building toys.

October Ahead!!—Days out- October 8 and 12

November Raffle calendars to sell! Every family please sell ten- prizes for the highest seller and highest selling class!! Every day someone wins great prizes!

October 23- Flu Clinic at AS²A

October 26- Parent Teacher conferences- appointment time sign up coming!

October 27- CO2 car races at 9:30 am, Trunk or Treat from 2-4pm


All Saints STEAM Academy                     Parent Update                End of August 2018

Welcome to the All Saints STEAM Academy 2018 – 2019 School Year
Dear Families,
Tick tock… school begins in exactly one week – what do you want to do to complete your summer? Beach? Camping? Visiting Friends? Stargazing? Whatever you do – do it with an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings in your life – beginning with your beautiful children!
The Faculty and Staff of AS²A welcomes you to our school community – it will be a wonderful year ahead – jump into it! Sign up and volunteer to share your ideas and efforts as a coach, mentor, assistant room parent and/or if qualified – a substitute teacher! We need Extended Day staff- join us! You are welcome with us!
Thank you for your sacrifice in choosing All Saints STEAM Academy as your child’s education journey. As hard as you work to send your student to us is as hard as we work to facilitate their learning! With our award winning STEAM certified curriculum your student will be challenged and supported in developing their talents and abilities.
We embrace all the saints in our faith journey at AS²A. let the words of one saint whose student life was not stellar early on but who went on to be a leader in the church.

Listen generously

Inquire diligently

Respond prudently

Meditate attentively
St. Thomas Aquinas

God Bless Us All on the Journey,
Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy                     Parent Update                        End of May, 2018

Dear Parents,

I so appreciate sharing our good news of your student’s learning journey with you! This weekend, a parent shared with me their “Elevator Speech” about choosing AS²A for their son and daughter. Moving into the state and our island, they did their homework and visited all the potential schools around. They chose All Saints STEAM Academy because of our welcoming spirit and as they called it “shared opportunities” in which every student is welcome to join in robotics, drama and sports and more. At AS²A, we believe each student can try new experiences, and should not be limited based on grades and recommendations. You have chosen wisely, Parents!

Each morning in May we said the Rosary led by our Eighth grade students. We prayed for ourselves, each other, our families, and the world. We prayed for Mr. Charlie St. Denis, younger brother of Mrs. Klegraefe. Please keep them in your prayers as well.

With the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary we also prayed the Joyful. It was a joy-filled month for our students and teachers as well! We started with Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-4, and what a delicious multicultural week of treats it was! The students were busy as well as they presented their SCRATCH learning at Thompson on May 5, performed Cinderella on May 11 and 12,  and celebrated our Military families with song and prayers on May 18th. Today and tomorrow, May 29 and 30, the Eighth grade students accompanied by Mrs. Villareal, Senor Vidotto and Mr. Titus are traveling by train and subways throughout NYC! Along the way they will see a Broadway play, eat at a famous diner, tour 9/11 Museum, and so much more! Thank you to all who have supported their year- long fundraising efforts!

There are so many ways to join in the fun with your children at AS²A! Next month we will send a list of volunteer activities for each family to choose from to share their ten hours of volunteer service.

As we move to the end of our year on June 15, please keep the daily school responsibilities in focus. Homework is still due, tests are still taken, and students are to attend to and show respect to their teachers. We want to ensure with you that the final report cards end on Honors upswing and not lower grades. God bless you in these active parenting days. Remember how each child is a blessing from God on those days when the going gets tough to hold the discipline line. We appreciate all of your efforts!

Happy sunny days ahead,

Mrs. Brouse

AS²A                                              Parent Update                                           End of April

Dear Parents,

We are STEAMing ahead!! Last evening, as many of you were aware, we were blessed to have Bishop Tobin and our Superintendent of Schools Mr. Daniel Ferris, joined us at STEAM Night. They toured the classroom areas, interacting with the students and teachers and exploring the projects. Both leaders remarked how unique and vital All Saints STEAM Academy is in providing this project based blended learning. We are leading the way!

As you may have seen on Channel 10 News this past week, our own Computer programming instructor in the Copernicus Science Learning Lab, Janice Kowalczyk, was awarded the Jefferson Award for her continual volunteerism in the community. Under Janice’s direction, over 225 educators around the state and through New England have been educated in our computer lab on SCRATCH and advanced computer coding. Our students are direct recipients of the technological learning that will prepare them with 21st century skills. Go AS²A!

This morning our students had an indoor field trip and were able to visit the other teams and interact with their STEAM projects. From candy science and green music in the pre classrooms, through SCRATCH and Engineer challenges in the primary grades, to shelter themed expressions through writing, SCRATCH, and nature designs in the elementary grades, to advanced computer coding with physical extensions in the middle school grades, each AS²A student is involved in their learning process, and thrilled to share their knowledge with others!

Look for exciting events coming in May!       Cinderella!!!!

This month ends with the beginning of National Teacher Appreciation Week from April 30 to May 4. This year’s theme is multicultural, and all room parents have been emailed to help provide our wonderful teachers with a terrific message. Daily treats and a gift will be enjoyed by the teachers- each of you can do your part as well!

Please send a message of appreciation to your student’s teacher next week!

Thank you, your support and kindness shines bright!

Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy                    Parent Update                               End of March

Dear Parents,

Our Lenten journey will end this Sunday with Easter joy. The three days before then are called the Triduum, beginning with the evening liturgy on Holy Thursday. The students have no school on Good Friday, a solemn day of prayer marking the day when Jesus was crucified and died on Calvary. Around the globe prayer and worship services will be held at churches for you to stop in with your families. Holy Saturday is the day when Jesus is buried, and on this evening the Easter Vigil Mass is held. It is at this service that the Paschal candle is lit, symbolizing leading us out of darkness and into the light of faith. The Lenten journey is over on Easter Sunday, many Easter crosses present Jesus with his arms raised.

Each day we are challenged to live our faith, our students hear the Easter message to be the better change in our world. On behalf of the faculty and staff of All Saints STEAM Academy, I wish each of you a very Blessed and happy Easter. Peace to us all, Mrs. Brouse

This past month of March has been filled with smiles. J We celebrated with Superintendent Ferris and author Tom Pilecki on March 15 for our Roger Williams University STEAM accreditation. This achievement validates our leadership in the education field.  J We marched 60 strong in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Newport, being the only elementary school and only Catholic school represented there. J We hosted a week long Scholastic Book Fair and succeeded in strong fundraising for our students. J 75 folks welcomed the Bunny at breakfast last Saturday and enjoyed the egg treats!   J To mark this Holy Week, students are praying the Stations of the Cross, and the whole school participated with Fr. John at our Penance reflection yesterday.

I would like to update you on our Middletown Police Safety talk last night at school. 20 parents and 11 faculty and staff joined Officers Ben and Dave to identify safety concerns and practices. The officers traveled our school campus and having commended the school facility for having outdoor exits in every room. They also commended the space of our school for ease in passing an alarm. Having trained the faculty two years ago in the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) process, we will be updating this training later this month for all faculty and staff. The officers will work with our school to schedule review with our students as well. We will continue to practice our fire drills, evacuation drills, and lockdowns as required by the state. Please know that you can help us all be safer by-

  • Reviewing your student’s online responsibilities before you allow them to use these devices. Keep in close contact with their friends and messages flowing. Report any safety concerns as needed.
  • Wait at the school front door for a faculty or staff to let you in.
  • Check into the office at each visit. No one is to go to the classrooms unless they have been cleared by the office first.
  • Please refrain from letting others in the building as you exit. The faculty and staff will let visitors in.
  • Thank you for your attention to our school safety at all times.

Coming in April, we are honored that Bishop Tobin has accepted our invitation to visit us on STEAM NIGHT, Thursday, April 26, from 6-8pm. Mark your calendars to come and learn from your students this evening! Our annual Spring Scholarship Tea will be held on Sunday, April 26 from 1-3 pm at St. Lucy’s Hall, please join us at this lovely event! To show your appreciation for your child’s wonderful teacher, work with your room parents and the Teacher Appreciation Week (April 30- May 4) committee when they put out the plans! SHHH- keep it secret!

Down the halls-

Pre-School– are preparing for Easter fun the egg way!

Pre-Kindergarten-Present their Passion Play this Thursday afternoon

Primary Team– Dr. Seuss was celebrated in story, costume and games!

Elementary Team– Working hard on story content, writing and creating! Environmental survival science studies

Middle School Team– vector animations! WOW!

All Saints STEAM Academy Parent Update

End of February, 2018

Dear Parents,

As we end this month of valentines and remembering our loved ones, let us reach out to all of our neighbors with understanding and compassion. Our students learn daily to live their faith through their thoughts, words and actions. How much better this world would be if we made an effort to bring peace to others, at Lent and throughout the year!

We are walking those forty days on our journey to Easter. As we prepare ourselves for this Holy season, take time to pray and share time with your child. Outside of our school chapel Ms. Dawn has added to our reflection board and cross a tree with daily word focus. Today’s word is Abba- father. We welcome you to visit our Chapel and reflect.

Please know that we make every effort to keep our school safe and secure. We have an approved safety plan in place, and our faculty has had instructions on proper drills and safety procedures. Included is our school plan  that only the office staff and faculty may open the door for visitors in the lobby. At no time are students allowed to open the door- even for family. While you are in the school, please follow this plan. We need to confirm that we know who comes into the building. Thank you for your support.

We have an exciting month ahead! It is March Into Reading month and many classes will be enjoying old classics including Dr. Seuss, and newer genres, including Lois Lowry. On March 15 All Saints will celebrate our STEAM accreditation with Roger Williams University. You are invited to join us in the morning to hear author Tom Pilecki and our Superintendent Mr. Ferris shower our wonderful school with praises. Come for coffee and cake!  We are planning on marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Newport on March 17- more information to come!!

Remember to return your enrollment forms! Let’s continue the journey together! Mrs. Brouse

Down the halls-

Pre-School- Rainbows are being studied soon. Look for all of the bright colors!

Pre-Kindergarten-Passion play preparations beginning soon! Happy Chinese New Year!

Primary Team- Dr. Seuss birthday celebration coming up and a spring field trip is in the works!

Elementary Team- Can you catch a dollar? Ask your STEAM student! Creek water studies coming!

Middle School Team- Microbits studies with Mrs. Kowalczyk. Students are busy with all their studies!  Congratulations to Grade Eight students accepted to Prout!

All Saints STEAM Academy                Parent Update              Catholic Schools Week !      January 2018

Dear Parents,

  The holidays are behind us, and winter is all around! As the last week of January approaches, the nation will be celebrating Catholic education! Every year, catholic schools embrace their communities by celebrating each member who makes us so successful in our faith education mission. This Sunday our students will speak from seven altars to share why they love AS²A! Come and support them at Jesus Savior, St. Lucy, St. Barnabas, St, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Christopher and St. Theresa parishes.  As you have read on the flyer sent to you on school messenger, every day will be a special celebration, culminating in the History Night At The Museum on Thursday, February 1 at 6pm. All the children are involved in drama and projects which present their learning of conflict and compromise through history. They are working very hard researching, designing and practicing for you, and they are eager to share with everyone! Please mark your calendars! This is also the night we will be celebrating our STEAM certification from Roger Williams University!  Come see STEAM learning in action- and bring friends!

  At this time of year we begin to look at the next school year’s plans. Re-enrolment information will be sent your way in the next weeks. Please respond as soon as you receive this. It has been a rewarding learning experience for us all this year, and we welcome traveling the education journey with you in the future! The deadline for the Grant and Aid application is February 16, please go online and complete for any assistance!

 The weather has thrown us a variety of challenges in this first month of 2018,   please bundle up your student for possible recess times. Hearty lunches, lots of deep sleep, and a good balance of work and play are vital supports for successful academic progress. We appreciate all that you do to ensure your child arrives to school fully prepared to start the day!   Hope to see you at the Museum!   Mrs. Brouse

History Night At The Museum- STEAM education in action!

Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten- Pullman train history

Kindergarten- Civil Rights

Grade 1- Martin Luther King Jr.

Grade 2- George Washington

Elementary Team- How a bill becomes a law

Middle School Team- technological impacts on religion, sports, finance, social media


Ho Ho Ho!                            All Saints STEAM Academy                      Last Parent letter of 2017

Dear Parents,

I hear Christmas music in the Primary classrooms, I see the middle school students making Nativity bracelets with Kindergarten, I welcome the elementary team back from singing at the St. Clare’s Nursing Home, and the whole school is smiling remembering the Bishop Stang High School Jazz Band performance.  The gifts of our time and talents are shared all around!

As we end this year together at All Saints STEAM Academy, I am blessed to share our good news with each of you. These past months have been most productive for our students- the report cards and STAR testing shows progress on many levels, and their collaboration and communication skills have blossomed in the STEAM project initiatives.

Our PTO events have been more successful than what we projected in both attendance and any funds raised.  Since December 1, we celebrated Saint Nicholas with our wonderful Christmas Pageant, and hosted the Santa Breakfast, Book Fair, Craft Fair, and the fourth regional First Lego League qualifying competition where we won the Champion Trophy and Project Award! Our Architectonas robotics team will go on to compete at the RI State event in January! It is a  testimony to the success of our AS²A inclusive community  that our Mindstorms Mayhem team were all first year robotics members who came from over 11 different school systems from all over the world, who collaborated together to win the project award for their innovation to stop water fountain germs- called the Clean Stream 17!  Congratulations to all the parents, all the volunteers, all the students and all the buyers who made each of these events a memory to cherish.

Over the Christmas holidays, please encourage your students to share the gift of themselves in helping others. Remind them to read each day, and let the middle school students practice their science Fair speeches to you- ask them questions!

Enjoy every minute of your time together. On behalf of our wonderful Faculty and Staff, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mrs.Brouse


P.S. Check your child’s backpack for a special card from Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy                          Parent Update                  Happy All Saints Day!

Dear Parents,

As we ended October, the students laughed through the halls when Trick or Treating from classroom to classroom- STEAM innovated doorbells and all! So many saints paraded around the campus and enjoyed their class parties afterwards- thank you to all who sent in treats! And thank you to the thirteen cars that shared treats with Trunk or Treaters on Saturday- stop by the Multi-Purpose room and check out the fun photos!

Today is our school Feast Day– we began with Mass and spent the day working hard to be the best student we can!

Today is also the last cross country meet- to be held here at AS²A at 4pm- join us if you can! Thank you to Coach Vidotto and Coach Hatef for your generosity in training the students this season. At AS²A we are truly scholar athletes!

Speaking of physical activity- Coming up is the basketball season- do we have any willing adults to coach?? Please contact the office ASAP if you can assist!

The A in STEAM stands for Art, and Ms. Dawn is busy with our many students preparing a grand Christmas pageant to be presented at St. Lucy’s Church on the Feast of St. Nicholas- December 6. It is a seasonal tradition and a treat for the whole family!

As we move into the season of thanks, the students learn daily to pray for those in need, and to practice the Catholic Christian values recited every morning in our school Mission Statement. We care for God’s creations, we take care of our neighbors, we show respect for all, and we live responsibly. These are part of our faith teachings, and our students, Faculty, and staff strive to follow them throughout our school community. We have been collecting foods throughout the past month for the local food pantry, thank you for sharing.

Our November Calendar Raffle raised over $9,400. , and dad Paul Nevitt of Paige in grade four won the first day’s prize of $100.! Congratulations!

We have so much to be thankful for at our wonderful school!             Peace, Mrs. Brouse

Down the Halls- Conference Day went smoothly for all- and the work carries on!

Pre- Team- Alphabet letters, numbers counting, and the cycle of life with decay studies going on!

Primary– Seasonal spelling terms, math place value counting, and engineer design in doorbells!

Elementary- Novels are drawing the student readers interests into lively discussions!

Middle School– Math, Social Studies, Science fair experiments, Writing source cards, you name it, the students are hard at work completing their assignments!

AS²A              Parent Update                                                BOO!                 October 10, 2017

October Greetings Parents and Guardians,

The world is turning away from the sun into fall, and the color of orange is all around us! Do you know that the word orange has no other rhyming words to it? It is unique, as God is unique. Father Peter Damien shares this thought with us, and adds that the blend of the colors of red and yellow make orange, three colors together , like the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So this month as you find orange, remember that God is truly there with you!

October 16-20 will be our first of three online Renaissance STAR Math and Reading  testing  times this year. These tests will provide progress monitoring for skill mastery and will be reviewed at the October 27 conference. Please remember that this provides one piece of the whole learning for your student. Daily efforts on homework, classwork, independent projects, and assessments provide the whole picture of the learner

The Family Paint night was a super fun event for the parents and children alike- so many masterpieces! Thank you Terri and crew for handling all the details!

Twelve students and their parents helped us STEAM into ’17 last Saturday shooting their designed cars with carbon dioxide canisters down a 20 meter raceway! Thank you to Professor Matt Peoples and N.A.P.S. students for all your guidance and support!

The CALENDARS are quickly being sold by all! Each day prizes are $100. or more in value- try to sell your family’s 10 this weekend and get some more from the office! Please remember this is our ONE major fundraiser that supports all of our student’s learning experiences!

Tuesday students return in their winter uniforms– long pants, no more shorts. Please review the handbook for the uniform protocol.

We are assuming that if you are one of the 15 parents who signed up for Trunk or Treat on the 28th – your car will be a decorated one. Please notify the office if you do NOT intend on being one of the cars- we need at least 15 cars to hold this event.  Thank you!

There are six families who have not returned their handbook /media/ computer use forms. These children will bring them home to you today- they are due back to the office Tuesday. Thank you.                         Enjoy these golden, orange days!                            Peace, Mrs. Brouse

Upcoming Dates– *Oct. 9- No School, *Oct. 18-9am Grade 8 Liturgy- all invited, *Oct. 24- Flu clinic, *Oct. 27- Parent- Teacher conferences, No School, *Oct. 28-Trunk or Treat, *Oct. 31- Trick or Treat in school, *Nov. 1- All Saints Day- 9am Liturgy

Down the Halls

Pre-3, 4, 5- Ms. Teri and Ms. Dawn are preparing for the Escobar hay ride and pumpkins!! What a great way to learn through the senses!

Primary-Applesauce, apple anatomy, and apple counting- all with math, science, and art!

Elementary- Fantastic webs and spider creations were created in the STEAM collaboration! Teams spun with yarn and popsicle sticks throughout the rooms and halls!

Middle  School-  Science Fair topic research is this month- lots of sources to read and annotate! Very interesting topics are selected this year to be presented in January!

All Saints STEAM Academy                                             Parent Update

                                               Good Bye Summer- Hello Fall!

Dear Parents,

The AS²A rocks are coming your way tomorrow- please place them in your environment, take a picture, and post it on your Facebook. Our wonderful name will go far and wide for all to see! Thank you for supporting this simple marketing effort, and for joining us in the many events to plan for the year ahead- the sign up board is almost complete! Tomorrow night, the first event of the year- the family paint night– has a sold out crowd! What a terrific way to  make fun memories with your child and support the Pre and Primary classes! I can’t wait to see the masterpieces!

Car Race–  We have a fun opportunity to create, design, and  STEAM into ’17!  Working with the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) math and chemistry students, we will be sanding balsa wood car designs and sending them down a car race track, hopefully on September 30weather permitting! The cars will be propelled with small carbon dioxide canisters, and it is a perfect STEAM opportunity to work with your child in creating and racing a car! Monday, September 25, from 3-5pm, you are invited to come with your child to make the car design- we will provide the wood and sandpaper. You may then take the car home and paint and decorate it and bring it back on Saturday, September 30, to be raced! Because this involves your attendance and help, please notify the office by tomorrow, Friday, September 22, if you and your child will join us.

Media release forms, emergency contact forms, and health concerns forms are LATE. Please send them in tomorrow- we appreciate your cooperation !

Peace, Mrs. Brouse

Down the halls-

Pre-3, 4-5– Ms. Teri and Ms. Dawn are taking the students to Save The Bay, Newport next week. What a wonderful experience for our young learners!

Primary– The cup towers were climbing to the sky at the Engineer Design challenge this week- everyone was involved in the learning!

Elementary- Multiage groups of grades 3, 4, and 5 used collaboration, cooperation and categorization skills to create science materials kits- let the experiments begin!!

Middle school– Cards to Atria Assisted Living residents for donated school supplies were created by the students and much appreciated! The students are hard at work with science project choices!


All Saints STEAM Academy                              Parent Update September 2017

Greetings All – As we are ending our first two weeks of school, there is much to share with you! I am sure your children have excitedly told you already about new friends, new teachers, new classrooms – every morning we begin in prayer thanking God for all that we have at our wonderful school! Our ice cream social welcomed over one hundred sweet treat lovers on September 1, and our Grand People breakfast on September 8 will be another well attended event!

Please mark your calendars for the mandatory Parent’s Night coming Wednesday, September 13, ALL families are requested to come. At this meeting we will pray for a rewarding year of partnership in your child’s education, introduce teachers, review school events, and allow you to step into your student’s world at school.

Before this meeting, please go onto the All Saints sign up genius and commit to an event to help with this year. 100% family involvement is what is required to make our year successful. Presently, we need room parents in grades 4-8, and help with our PTO fun events!

All are welcome!


Mrs. Brouse

Pre-S- Ms. Teri and Mrs. Brady are spinning the world of 3’s- more smiles everyday! Look for the hand-print Friendship tree – new friendships every day!

Pre-K- Ms. Dawn and Mrs. Perez are moving the 4-5 year olds right along the apple tree way- counting and identifying fruit plant parts!

Primary Team- Mrs. Hatef, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Banal just finished the first Engineer Design Challenge of the year- longest paper chain!!

Elementary Team- Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Gullison are organizing grades 3, 4, and 5 students into multi-age teams to tackle future investigations!

Middle School Team– STEAM activities started- and beach field trip planned! First of 20 service hours earned designing dress out posters for Hurricane Harvey victims!

** September 15 is DOT DAY- students may add dots to their PE uniforms! Creativity shines in our STEAM academy!!**

All Saints STEAM Academy                                                           Parent Update  2017- 2018

Let Your Light Shine

Dear Parents,

Our wonderful school community welcomes YOU to be a part of all events! All gifts of time, talent and treasure are much appreciated and put to best use for the benefit of every child at All Saints STEAM Academy. Funds raised go to support the teacher’s wish list, technology equipment, and super school wide events.

This year we are trying a new meeting schedule in response to parent survey ideas from last year. After our mandatory Parent meeting on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30 pm, in place of monthly PTO meetings, we will meet in event committees to organize the activity. Please sign up on the Sign Up Genius and put your name in for any and all events you would like to help with.

As you can see on the calendar, each trimester a team will host a school wide event and the funds raised will go for field trips and teacher wish lists. This year there will be a separate Drama Club with fundraising events. Look for it!

Please note that the November Raffle Calendar is our ONE major school wide fundraiser to support the budget. We are asking that each family sell ten calendars at $10.00 each. The daily prizes are wonderful, and the top three sellers win gift cards.

In the Fall of 2018, All Saints STEAM Academy will host a Visiting Team from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) for our ten year accreditation process. We are planning Pride Days when we clean and organize our campus. Please join us in preparing for this exciting event! In addition to physical help, you will be asked to complete surveys which the team will review to access our accreditation. It will be an exciting year to get ready! WE are blessed to work with you this year. Your families remain in our prayers for continued blessings ahead.

See you soon,

Mrs. Brouse

2017- 2018 All Saints STEAM Academy PTO Events

Let’s shine our light this year sharing time and talents with others! Please join in – we are aiming for 100% family participation!

August 28 – Raffle Calendar meeting at 5:30pm – All come and help!

Fall- *Pre and Primary teams host – Yearbook help needed

Friday, September 1-Tuesday, October 31- NOVEMBER RAFFLE CALENDAR sales- each family sells ten calendars at $10.00 each – sell more- top seller prizes!

Friday, September 1- Ice cream social (faculty treats you- just come and enjoy)

Friday, September 8-Grandparents Breakfast-8-9am –need set up, serve and clean

Saturday, September 22-* Parent-Child Paint Night-need set up, clean up

Saturday, October 28- Trunk or Treat- need 15 cars minimum- just sign up

Winter- *Elementary team host – Drama Club help needed

Saturday, December 2- Breakfast with Santa- need set up, serve and clean up

Monday,December 4 -Monday, December 11-Book Fair-need unpack, pack, selling

Saturday, December 9-* Craft Fair- need set up, cooks, clean up Friday,

December 15- Parents Night Out-older student babysitters- just enjoy!

Thursday, January 11- AS²A Family Dinner Out at Papa Gino’s- just sign up!

Friday, February 2- Teacher Appreciation Lunch for CSW- need set up, clean up

Spring-* Middle School team host

Friday, March 9-* Pasta dinner/Family Talent Show-need set up, clean up, MC

Monday,March 19- Friday, March 23- Book Fair-need unpack, pack, selling

*TBD-Spring Scholarship Tea- need set up, raffle sales, and clean up

Monday, April 30- Friday,May 4- Teacher Appreciation Week – need daily organization and Friday lunch set up and clean up

All Saints STEAM Academy                                                                  Parent Update~ June 2017
                                                          It’s SUMMERTIME!!!!
Dear Parents,
You can hear it in their voices, and see it in their energetic moving around, the summer is calling to one and all! The students have earned a rest, and the adults have as well. Now will come the time to reconnect with family and friends. We hope that there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation and reflection for you this summer. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!
Before we leave, I want to thank each of you for the support and encouragement you have shared with our community over this year. Your smiles, kind words of praise and volunteer efforts created a happy and positive environment for students and faculty alike. You remain in our prayers throughout the summer and always.
The teachers are sent home report cards and summer packets, please review them with your students. Learning cannot take a two month break, so find opportunities for reading and math wherever you go. Explore the back yard with a magnifying lens to see the smaller creatures of life, observe the sky for weather changes, and watch the wave action at the beach. Let them cook with you, clean the house with you, garden with you and be your buddies. Childhood is fleeting, catch every moment you can to cherish your beautiful children.
Please tell your friends and spread the word- we are filling up our Pre- School 3 year old class, and our Pre-Kindergarten 4-5 year old class is filling fast as well! Sign up on the PTO Sign-Up Genius for Next year’s FUN events!
We will be doing our heavy housework this summer, so look for a fresh new face next year! If you want to help – call the office!!
Little STEAMers Camp promises to be a blast – have you signed on yet for the themed weeks?
Summer Office hours – 8-2pm Monday through Thursday, Friday the office is closed, please leave a message.
To quote Ms. Bartlett – Be well and be blessed.
Peace, Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy            End of May                Parent Update~ May 2017
What a beautiful month we have enjoyed together! We began with a well – attended Student Council movie afternoon with MOANA, and followed up that first week with the 10th SCRATCH Birthday party on Saturday! Our fellow SCRATCH enthusiasts joined us from the Met School, Thompson School, and EBC. We then hosted our first Ties and Tiaras dance on the 12th, another well enjoyed event! The Student Council sponsored SPIRIT WEEK on May 15- 19, was a great success! And over 60 students made the hills come alive with The Sound of Music on May 19 and May 20 at Portsmouth Middle School.

As we prayed the Rosary each day in honor of Mary, the students also created a May altar on Ascension Thursday, May 25. It remains in the lobby for all to view. During this month the Eighth Grade embarked upon their NYC adventure May 23 and 24th, and Grade Five spent a busy science night at the Boston Museum of Science. Other trips and end of the year events are coming up, so look for the teacher’s notes!
Here is the link to the PTO Sign Up genius for next year’s fun! Get involved!
STEAMing Around the Halls-
Pre-K- Ms. Dawn’s newsletter informs her folks on every single event coming up! One to look forward to is Medieval Day- the children will be Knights and Princesses for a day and relive the excitement and pageantry of the feudal times. The students love hearing Ms. Dawn read from King Arthur!
Primary Team- What do you do when you’ve read your fairy tales? At our STEAM Academy the K-grade 3 students used newspaper and tape to create the strongest chair for Goldilocks to sit in. The team that did not use scissors but only folded the paper had the strongest chair!
Elementary team-Grades 3-4 used manipulatives to learn fractions creating hamburgers and fraction strip displays. They are eagerly finishing up their reading novels, and beg to read more! Grade 5 has fantastic sequence book report creations- come read them displayed in the hall!
Middle School Team-Grade 6 is using the Noise Kit to study sound waves, Grade 7 is studying human body systems and will get to complete a frog dissection lab! Grade 8 is studying the motion of the ocean, and will enjoy the views from Ft. Adams Park in June!
As we look forward to next year, please note that some classes are nearing full capacity so waiting lists will be started. Be sure to have your paperwork secure with the office. Thank you to our many families who recommended AS²A, you will receive the $300 tuition discount. Remember- the new families must enroll and give your name on the application.
God Bless you and your wonderful families, and our brave Military heroes.

Mrs. Brouse

All Saints STEAM Academy            May Blessings                    Parent Update~May 2017
Thank you to all who made our Teacher Appreciation Week so special, every teacher has remarked how grateful they are for your delicious kindnesses. It is our privilege to work with your wonderful families, and an added pleasure when we are showered with kindnesses.

Sincerely, Mrs. Brouse
April showers bring May flowers- I would like to share our school blessings this spring, they are as numerous as the blooming flowers!
* SCRATCH 10th Birthday Party Saturday- all are welcome! Come join in the tech fun!
* The hills are alive- do you have your May 19-20 Sound of Music tickets yet? It will be a spectacular show!
*MOANA fun- 37 students sang along, made flowers and crafts yesterday with the Student Council and moderator Mr. Vidotto- thanks to all the older student help!
* PTO survey response- thanks to Denise Oliveira for the creation and Terri Tomaszewski for sharing the results- your ideas have formed an exciting year ahead for all! Watch for the calendar to come!
*Ham radio welcomes five new voices- thank you to Coach Mike Cullen for the hours of instruction to achieve success! Bravo to all who worked hard!
*Parade Float design- congratulations to all who submitted ideas, grade 7 student and Student Chaplain Maya Ruggiero was chosen by our School Board to share her design, runners up Gianna Wesling and Paige Bell will assist in the painting!
Field trip fun- what exciting travel plans are coming! The Zeiterion theater, Sturbridge Village, Fort Adams Park, Boston Museum of Science, KVH Industries, and the wonderful New York City adventure! We are on the road again!
*Friendships- so many made this year. Remember- friends meet in a moment, know for an hour, cherish forever. Staying with us or moving on- you all remain in our prayers always. Feel welcome to join us in the lobby this month for our morning Rosary decade

All Saints STEAM Academy                                                    Parent Update~ March 2017         

Dear Parents,

Have you experienced the Best Lent Ever? There are many resources to guide us along the path of Jesus to Easter. The Third Grade led the Lent liturgy for our school this week and they did a wonderful job We remind the students to fast from- possibly a negative action, thought, or word, and to feast onpossibly a kind act, praying more, or reading the Bible. Every day we can make the life of someone else better.

In school, the students are encouraged to do their best work at all times. The monthly assemblies are an opportunity to celebrate those Students of the Month and Terrific Kids who have earned notice for their efforts. I appreciate your review and discussions with your child about their report card performance this week. Your efforts in preparing your student to arrive on time, well rested, and with assignments and food packed is key to their academic success along with their teacher’s facilitation in the classroom. Frequent tardiness and absences directly hinders a child’s school performance, and we applaud our many AS²A students who are ready to go in the morning!

Moving ahead:

The Bunny is hopping down the trail on April 8– do you have your Breakfast tickets yet?

Our Spring Scholarship Tea on April 23 has less than ten tickets left-we are thrilled! 100% of all monies go directly to tuition help for those in need.

When we return from vacation it will be time for Our 4th Annual STEAM NIGHT on April 27. What a fantastic showcase for our project based, blended learning. All will be amazed!!

Down our halls:

  •  Pre- K- Students are preparing for their Roman festival and at the end of Lent their Passion Play. They are strengthening their social and academic skills as spring blooms.
  •  Primary students are continuing their studies while enjoying the season. Many are involved with the Sound of Music drama in May, as well as presenting their robotics learning at the Brown University Robot Block party this month.
  •  Elementary students are determined to construct their squirrel proof bird house outdoors, and to continue improving their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  •  Middle school students are advancing their understanding in their subjects while they move towards completing their google 20X projects to be presented on STEAM NIGHT. I have had the privilege of observing the faculty at work this month and continue to be convinced that All Saints STEAM Academy is blessed with the most collaborative professionals around! And your good families are the fortunate recipients!

I wish each of you a Blessed Easter, full of hope and joy!


Mrs. Brouse

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