PreK Welcome Letter from Miss Dawn

August 14, 2014

August 2014


Welcome ASAP Parents, and Returning Families,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of our incoming families to another wonderful fun-filled year here at All Saints Academy Preschool, (or ASAP)! We are growing stronger and stronger every year.  I cannot imagine how one year can possibly top another???

(And yet we do!)

As I move forward with the planning of this particular year, I ask that you read this Welcome Back letter, (and supply information), but more importantly my message on growth. I can be a very “wordy” teacher. You will find each of my newsletters beginning in the spirit of God, (This is where I ask you to place your focus), and ending with the minutia of what keeps us going daily.

Our school is growing every day; and with that growth, come very good things!

But also, at times… growing pains. Just like all of the unexplained little pains that are happening within them. Metaphorically, I tell my little friends, “As we move closer toward who we are to be, the choices become even more critical.” I consider all of our days strides toward perfecting who we are. I am so happy and proud to be part of a family structure, both professionally and personally, that supports our ever-changing spirit, and mission of educating our youth. Growing is inevitable, and is always worth the investment we put toward it.

How ever can we measure the changing of a human soul?

I will offer the Parable of the Seed. There are many ways this can be told, but ultimately, the seed of life can be sown in a variety of ways. At times the seed is sown upon barren ground; where it is ate up immediately by birds. Or perhaps it takes growth just a bit somewhere… only for it not to be watered enough to flourish.  And then, there is the seed that is sown permanently. Now. It can grow to fruition, (untouched to perfection), as well as it can also grow up among the weeds. Either way it is growing! Most of US, (metaphorically speaking), will grow up amidst weeds. However, if scripture is pure, and we know that it is, we will flourish no matter what that case may be. You see if we grow among the weeds, (or what is perceived as weeds), God will handle it! Our JOB is to just grow! God doesn’t tell us to stop. He handles the weeds! Truthfully, the weeds of life will ALWAYS be there, but it is our job to trust in our God to be the ultimate Gardner. He will provide us THE harvest!


At All Saints Academy, we do this so well. I am thrilled that you have chosen to sow your seeds with us, and I promise you a harvest like no other.



Let’s begin our journey in growth!

Miss Dawn


Dawn M. Grinnell, PreK Director/Teacher



Orientation Day PreK Friday August 22nd, 9-12


Please stop by and visit us again during our PreK open house Orientation. It is a great day for everyone to reconnect during these final weeks of Summer. At Orientation, the children will get to see their classroom again, or perhaps for the first time. Myself, and my most trusted assistant Mrs. Dana Lyons (Miss Dana) will be on hand to help you and your youngster ease into the first day of school which begins on Wednesday, August27, or perhaps Thursday the 28th.  How ever you are scheduled. Orientation is a great day to come by and make it official! On Orientation Day,  many families have chosen to dress their student in ASA uniform as a helpful way to get the feel right. I have had many families bring in their supplies from our request sheet, so as the 1st day of school is an easy drop off. Also, it is a terrific day to browse through our gently worn uniform closet. (I recommend!) Parent sign ups, opportunities, and perhaps even a new friendship all await you this day!  The kids always enjoy spying what might be their favorite toy or favorite friend(s) for the year! So please, stop by and see us. It can be as short or long as your time permits, but it is only til 12-noon. Please make sure you have gone online and read the PreK handbook. It might be good to do so before visiting us on the 22nd, that way I am prepared to handle all of your questions! The handbook speaks to all uniform concerns, entering/exiting building/and much, much more. Its not a best-seller but its worth looking over!



All Students need a Tote bag or Large backpack to hold lunchbox, take home folders, extra work, etc. etc. Personally, I’ve come to really like canvas totes!

And somehow labeled or monogrammed.


2 –pocket Take Home Folder should be made of durable material, and can be any color or pattern. Easy for your child to spot within a “sea of many”.

Again, Labeled.


Lunch Box. Any choice. Labeled and large enough to fit a variety of what you pack. Remember I do “heat-ups” so you may want to look for proper containers for microwavable use. Or Thermos!!!!


Change of School Uniform: Your student will need a complete change of a school uniform to be kept at school. A pair of crocs or shoes not important to daily wear is fine. And plenty of panties and undies for the littler friends… just in case!  School uniform should be in a large clear marked bag. A one-gallon Zip-Lock does the trick usually.


All students need to have all paperwork and any medical devises, (EPI Pens, Breathing Devises clearly marked instructions and labeled from your physician),

 before we begin school. 


Pillow for rest time.




PreK Supplies


All students will provide a community snack 1x a month for 1 day of that month each month until June. That is usually 20-25 students and 100% juice. I do prefer juice boxes, but accept bottled juice with cups. Snacks of Goldfish, Popcorn, Pretzels all work great! Yogurts, cheese and fresh fruits are great the day of use. I will have a sample set out at Orientation. There are some peanut allergies this year, so please be mindful. Reminder: Birthday snacks count as your one-day that month!


Rolls of white paper toweling are always graciously appreciated!


Table wipes. Lysol, Disinfecting Wipes are best. They are sold in 4 packs usually at BJ’s, or reasonably at the Commissary or Walmart.


Package of Crayola Crayons (to add to our community pile)

Package of Crayola Classic Markers (to add to our community pile) 


We do not need Tissues and Hand Sanitizer.



Specials (Computer, Spanish, etc. have not been assigned yet.) In the meantime, PE outfits encouraged if you have a Tuesday or Friday child. (Please see handbook for more detail). I will have more information soon.



I send out a monthly newsletter that will ask for help or our needs.

If everyone gives just a little, it helps a great deal!!!!