Our Programs


In today’s fast paced world, and knowing that most of our families have schedules that do not necessary coincide with the typical school day, we at ASA have a phenomenal program to engage your child until your work schedule or life plan allows you to pick them up.  Our safe and creative environment will not only take care of your child’s daily needs, but will have him/her wanting to come back for more! [READ ON]


Summer might be months away, but we at ASA want you to know of the phenomenal opportunity that awaits your family for next summer!  Held 5 days a week for 5 weeks of the season, our campers are invited to explore countless facets of their lives and abilities not possible in the fast-paced schedule of the normal school year.  [READ ON]


And of course, our


Part of the philosophy and mission of All Saints Academy is best lived out in our communal attitude toward the education of your ASA student.  Working together in teams, our teachers and staff are able to accommodate the needs and personalities of every one of our students.  We like to believe that no child will be left behind in the process of bringing them to see the joy and benefit of a quality Catholic education.  [READ ON]