Middle School

The Middle School program, grades 6-8, continues the elementary curriculum with in-depth study of the core subjects of language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, and religion.  While the ASA Middle School is departmentalized, subjects are not taught in isolation.  Thematic planning and integration of technology with all content areas draws the curriculum into a cohesive unit.

Through collaboration with local field experts, the middle school team teachers are empowered to seamlessly integrate STEAM initiatives into the curriculum.  Building upon the critical-thinking skills developed through the primary and elementary years, middle school students utilize a variety of resources to innovate solutions to real community problems. The incorporation of project-based learning which emphasizes the “critical C’s” of Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication,  provides students access to STEAM initiatives including, but not limited to:


    • 3D Design and Printing
    • App Inventor
    • Python
    • Scratch
    • iMovie
    • CyberPatriot
    • Next Generation Wearables
    • 20 Time Google Project
    • Robotics

Students entering the middle school, who are new to All Saints STEAM Academy, are provided with a  programming bootcamp to build familiarity and comfort with the various coding programs.  As a learning community, the middle school teachers are committed to ensuring all students acquire and practice the critical 21st century problem solving skills that will allow them to forge full STEAM ahead into a competitive workforce.  

As the middle school years are an important time for developing personal responsibility, decision-making and higher order thinking skills, the curriculum emphasizes the importance of individual responsibility, planning for long–term assignments and projects, and high school preparation.  Our comprehensive curriculum balances the most important aspects of growth: spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual – with a promise of success for everyone.  Music, Art and Physical Education programs complete the offerings specific to our middle school students.

All Saints Academy graduates are mature and responsible – ready for high school and the challenges of the world beyond.