The goals of the All Saints Academy Math curriculum are: to empower our students to think logically about solving problems, to develop their organization and communication skills and to prepare them for higher-level mathematics. Concepts addressed include number patterns and algebra, operations with decimals, percents and fractions, data analysis and probability, problem-solving, integers, geometry, algebraic expressions, equations, functions, graphing, and real-world applications.


Middle school mathematics should help students learn to value mathematics as well as become more confident in their ability to do mathematics. It should also help foster better problem solvers and provides students with the tools to be able to communicate mathematically and to reason mathematically. Emphasis is placed on developing a solid understanding of concepts and applying them. We recognize that students differ in terms of their conceptual development and that development is not an even process for all individuals. To meet all students where they are, we incorporate a variety of methods, including hands-on activities, cooperative learning tasks, projects, and technology.


The curriculum is supported by the Glencoe Mathematics series of textbooks.  Ample online resources are available and their use is highly encouraged and often expected.  See the following websites.


Mathematics Application and Concepts, Course 1


Mathematics Application and Concepts, Course 2


Mathematics Application and Concepts, Course 3