Social Studies

The goals for the middle school are to develop a historical perspective between past and present events through an investigation of text and online resources. Students will enhance their reading and writing performance throughout the curriculum activities, and will increase their awareness and understanding of a culturally diverse society.

  • Sixth Grade

The world cultures curriculum for the sixth grade includes history, geography, civics, and economics which are taught while exploring ancient cultures around the world. These include Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome, the cultures of Asia and Africa, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Critical thinking skills are interwoven into these units of study. Students will research, investigate, and report on different topics throughout the year including monthly current events.

  • Seventh Grade

The year long study of American history centers on the beginnings of our country to the Civil War, prehistory to 1877. Emphasis is placed on the classroom environment to provide students with a long lasting knowledge base of our nation’s history. American history is presented through an interactive curriculum including group project, discussion, writing, role play, research, art and literature.

  • Eighth Grade

The eighth grade social studies focus is on American history from the Civil War to present time. Students are challenged to make history come alive in the classroom through text and online resource study, and participation in individual and group projects, current events update, drama, art, and literature. Students will strengthen their understanding of our country’s past in order to participate in the present and chart future events.