The Primary Years

These formative years, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2, are where our young students first get to know and love All Saints STEAM Academy. Based on reliable primary practices teachers strive to make the classroom environment and activities developmentally appropriate and academically strong. Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that each child has a unique learning style. We provide a rich learning environment for children to explore, question, discover, and create. The primary classrooms set the foundation for students to establish a life long curiosity and love of learning.

A child’s day within the primary classrooms is structured to include periods of whole and small group instruction and activities, independent work, individual choice, and outdoor play. The children receive instruction in the Progress in Mathematics series (Sadlier-Oxford), and the Journeys Reading series (Harcourt). In conjunction with the strong phonics and reading of the Journeys program, teachers use leveled readers to meet children’s individual reading needs while increasing comprehension and fluency.  Classroom teachers provide further instruction in Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Religion. These content areas provide a strong foundation and the continuity for children as they prepare to enter the elementary grades at All Saints STEAM Academy. Grades K-2 also benefit from weekly instruction from our specialist teachers in Art, Music, P.E., and Spanish. A coach from FAB Newport supports our technology curriculum with weekly instruction in our THINK Center.  Additionally  teachers integrate computer and technology instruction within the classroom to enhance learning across the curriculum using classroom computers, iPads, and smart board technology.  On a weekly basis, the Primary team comes together for a STEAM Challenge that encourages the use of the Engineering Design process to complete tasks while working cooperatively in small groups.