Grade 1


First grade students receive instruction through a balanced literacy program that includes reader’s workshop, writer’s workshop and word study. The reading workshop block consists of interactive read-aloud, shared reading, guided reading and independent reading. The writing workshop block consists of modeled/shared/interactive writing, guided writing and independent writing. Word study is integrated into the reader’s and writer’s workshop but also includes the study of high frequency word wall activities and phonics. The Trophies reading series is used for instruction. Children also listen to a daily read-aloud of classic literature by the teacher, and read trade books throughout the year. Reading outside of class is required, and students are held accountable through reading logs.


The first grade Mathematics program provides a foundation for further study throughout the elementary grades. The Sadlier Math series provides a traditional, carefully sequenced study of mathematics. The key concepts students will be exposed to are number sense and operations, time and money and basic geometry. Algebra skills are also studied through the identification of various patterns. Students will gain an understanding of how to group numbers and write equations using addition and subtraction. Furthermore, first graders will begin to develop critical thinking skills by working with simple mathematical word problems. Instruction is provided to students in a whole group environment as well as in small learning groups.


First grade Science teaches the foundation skills needed for the study of science, such as observing, classifying, collecting and interpreting data, creating models, and making inferences. Students will gain experience in the areas of Life Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science. In Life Science, first graders will explore the life cycles of living things, such as plants, frogs and butterflies. In Earth and Space Science, students will learn about the four seasons and the changes in the weather throughout the school year. As part of Physical Science, students will investigate how simple machines work. The Scott Foresman textbook and trade books are used for instruction. Students also participate in an experiment that is presented at the annual Science Fair.

Social Studies

The first grade Social Studies program begins with a study of community helpers. Students will examine what needs and wants are and identify their similarities and differences among different groups of peoples. Students will examine some basic information about local, state, and national government, and about their own rights and responsibilities as citizens. Map skills and geographical terms are also introduced. Trade books and small projects are an integral part of the curriculum.


The goal of the first grade Religion program is to develop a strong love of Christ, and instill a desire to be his disciple. Religion is incorporated throughout the fabric of the school, through daily prayer, participation in liturgy, and acts of kindness towards others. They are Feinstein Scholars, who try to perform good deeds throughout the year. First graders, like all classes at All Saints Academy, are responsible for planning a Mass by offering the gifts, and reading the intentions during the Prayer of the Faithful. The text used for instruction is by Sadlier, We Believe.


First grade students will visit the All Saints Academy media center to receive library and computer instruction weekly. Computer instruction conforms to the standards set by the Diocese of Providence and includes practice in basic word processing, and accessing the Internet. Students will use their library time to complete an author study each trimester. Computer and library time are integrated into the curriculum and tie in to what is being taught in the classroom. Computers are also used in the classroom throughout the school day. In keeping with the standards of ethics expected in a Catholic school, students are instructed about safety and responsible use of the Internet, and are held to a high standard.


In first grade the objective is the introduction of musical concepts. These concepts include beats, basic note reading, instrument families, the music staff, and introduction to different composers and musical styles through guided listening.


The main goal of the Spanish program in first grade is Spanish vocabulary attainment. Students learn vocabulary according to themes and to start to communicate cooperatively and with the teacher. Students also start to learn about gender of nouns and adjectives, to comprehend and use common expressions and commands, and finally, to learn about the Hispanic culture. Students meet for one class period per week

Physical Education

The All Saints Academy Physical Education Program offers developmentally appropriate lessons for first grade. The main objectives of the program are to ensure that students: are active all the time, acquire sports skills, demonstrate Christian values, have fun, and most importantly are successful. Students meet on Fridays for one class period. Some examples of activities are: Beachball Volleyball, Obstacle Course, Monkey on the Ground, Basketball, Street Hockey, and Strategy.