March 18, 2020

~ The thoughts & feelings of our friends & family in the community ~

March 2020
I just wanted to send you and the staff at All Saints a big BRAVO and thank you for your preparedness during this time of social distancing. Your amazing teachers were prepared and organized ahead of time and it’s made all the difference. Every day we have received a check in email from the teachers to see how the are progressing on their packets and work. They have also provided additional ideas, videos and worksheets along the way to add to their learning experience. Our son has enjoyed the online classroom teaching with the middle school teachers. It’s nice that he can stay connected to the students and professors during this unusual time in our world. I’m so grateful.
It has been a smooth transition from at school learning to at home learning for our family and we can’t thank you enough. I’m sure you all are working out some kinks and whatnot behind the scenes, but I want you to know that your staffs hard work and commitment to keeping the kids on track truly shows. Thank you so much.
Bravo to you all!!
God Bless

ASA Family

March 2020
“We love the All Saints family!! The faculty is amazing and the students here truly become a family. Our 3 children have thrived at this school and enjoyed all that ASA has to offer from STEAM bag challenges, robotics, drama, science fairs, living history night, flight club, student council to all the everyday fun activities just learning and making friends in a safe and positive environment.”
ASA Parent

March 2020
“Amazing school and I am so impressed by their preparedness on the upcoming couple of school closure weeks due to Covid-19. My son is all set with his curriculum with online classes. 😀”
ASA Parent

January 2020 – Student Parent Meeting
Here are some quick thoughts shared by our AS2A student parent community:
>Local Parent – ASA provided the best foundation for the high school rigor.
>Marine Corp Parent – The students love being a part of ASA life.
>Local Parent – Both of our children have received a strong faith foundation for life.
>Military Parent – Entering ASA has been very smooth.
>Local Parent – My son has had such a positive experience that other friends joined him this year.
>Local Parent – I was impressed by the students I see who attend ASA.
>Military Parent – My son counts the days until he comes to his ASA Pre-School class.
>Parent – My son enjoys the extra clubs and activities offered.
>Local Parent – After looking at all the schools, we came to ASA and never looked back all 8 years.
>Local Parent – The ASA computer coding and learning enables graduates to be placed in second year high school classes.
>Local Parent – Our children love the whole school experience.
>Local Parent – Having researched all other Pre-Kindergarten and elementary school programs,we know that ASA is the very best.
>Local Parent – We came from public schools for all that ASA can offer.
>Military Parent – We love the philosophy of community at ASA.
>Military Spouse – This is a stronger education than the past school experiences we have had.
>Military Parent – Our children have participated in all that ASA has to offer.

December 2019
“I went to their 1st play production last night and the children were spectacular, I was impressed. My great nieces go there and they love school and academically do very well!!”
ASA Family Member

November 2019

To ASA and especially to any parent considering All Saints Academy,

All Saints Academy is a small school with big hearts. It was our children’s first real school experience, and we can’t stop counting our blessings. We believe that the entire faculty and staff are truly committed to give children more than an academic education. They have added the Catholic faith by attending mass and Christian values.

Of our 3 kids, one of them experienced Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade; our second only had Pre-K (our 3rd was just a baby when we had to relocate to another state).

Their school experience was amazing. They loved going to it and, funny enough, they asked for homework! They loved ASA’s music program and miss it terribly. And to this day, our kids still ahead on their reading grade ability (they love to read! And are reading chapter books) and their current teachers are very impressed.

ASA truly made a difference in my family and our kids are reaping the benefits every day at their new school. We are so grateful to have had such great teachers and staff instill a good Catholic foundation for our children. Our kids still talk and ask about you and friends they made. We miss you all!

May God and the Blessed Mother bless you all!


September  2019
We knew, way back at the beginning of August, the moment that Preston got his postcard in the mail, that you were going to be such a wonderful teacher. (By the way, he treasured that postcard and carried it around everyday and asked us to read it to him constantly. I hope you’ll never stop sending those!) It is such a hard thing to put the life of your young child in someone else’s hands and I could not be more grateful that it’s you looking after him, this year. I leave him knowing he is really cared for and cherished and I cannot thank you enough for that.
You’ve really gone above and beyond, even with little things like the Newsletters. We appreciate those so much!! Especially since Preston rarely tells us anything. I just asked Jeff is there was anything else I was going to tell you, and he said, “Yeah, that Preston loves her with all his heart” haha! But this is true. He gets so smiley and happy whenever we bring you up. It is very adorable! He is going to miss you so much and I am scared I won’t get another teacher as good as you. Thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.
The Falcone Family 2018-2019

Summer 2019

All Saints Academy was my children’s first real school experience, and we could not have been happier. The fact that everyone is part of one big family at ASA is only the beginning. The entire faculty and staff is truly committed to giving children not only a top notch academic education, but more importantly, to helping each child find their best selves. Christian values, kindness, friendship and service seem to be the foundation for all they do at ASA. Our experience was with Pre-K in particular. The pre K classroom is filled with love and friendship, but most importantly, such commitment from the teachers. They truly dedicate their lives to making a difference,  and my family is reaping the benefits everyday. We are so grateful to have had such committed teachers and staff establish a good Catholic foundation for our two children. 

Happy summer!


May 8, 2019

To the entire Staff @ All Saints STEAM Academy:

Whether you are a teacher of our children, a teacher for another grade, or administrative staff, you are deeply impactful in our children’s lives. I am confident, and can respectfully admit that the entire staff here at All Saints is the best we’ve encountered in your respective roles. The desire everyone here has to make the school year wonderful and memorable for these kids really shows. You make our children feel safe, cared about, recognized as individuals, and yet, you still make the time to push them to learn and succeed (preparing them for next year). As teachers, you have shown that you care about not just your classroom students, but the ENTIRE school of students. Even if our kids don’t have you as a teacher, you are all genuine role models, as all of our children know something about each and every one of you, and speak highly of you all. The staff puts more time into fundraising efforts than we have ever witnessed, which signifies you are inclusive and want to make it possible for all to prosper. We made the best decision placing our kids here for a year, are sad we won’t be here next year, yet we will forever be All Saints STEAM Academy Alumni proud!

You Have Our Admiration,

-The Parents of Four Students


Hi Dr. Finnegan!

I wanted to let you know that we are so thankful for the year of Pre-K that our son, Jack, received while we lived in Newport, RI.  He had Ms. Dawn Grinnell, as his teacher, and the exposure he had to sight words and all else has proven to have greatly paid off.  Jack is now in kindergarten, and less than 2 months into the school year he has already tested through the 3rd grade sight words and is in his classroom’s advanced reading group.  It is so wonderful that he enjoys reading and we can now concentrate on the comprehension.  Math has also built up and he is now doing simple addition and going beyond the core standards.

We are so thrilled that ASA helped to give our son a great base to build upon in elementary.

Thanks for all you do!

Gaylyn & Doug Wheaton

Posted June 4, 2014

All Saints Academy is the STEAM Magnet school for the diocese if Providence. From Pre-k to grade 8 all the kids are involved in activities associated with science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics leading to incredible academic gains and a better sense for where they might go in the direction of future careers. Outstanding in every way!


May 9, 2014

All Saints Academy promotes strong Christian values and establishes an environment for students to thrive in all areas of their lives. It has a very strong sense of community and students are positive and friendly to each other . Teachers are very good about communicating and working with parents as necessary to help each individual achieve their best. Extra curricular activities are abundant and very well run. I am proud to send my children to All Saints.

—Submitted by a parent


April 30, 2014

ASA is a wonderful school. It has made a big difference in my childs life. My child started there in Pre-K and contines to go there. There were some difficult times adjusting but the staff has always been there to help set him/her in the right direction. The school is there to help the children grow in the right direction. Highly recommend!

—Submitted by a parent


April 20, 2014

Our family is a proud member of All Saints Academy. We have watched our children flourish in this small but mighty school. The faculty is amazing at helping students find their strengths and encourages for the areas that a student need development. The robotics program has been very strong and the recent additions of the hydroponic garden, Arduino and amazing for student to experience. The school encourages the older students to mentor the younger ages and everyone knows everyone’s name. This school has been a great fit for my kids and I am grateful for the experience and education they are receiving.

—Submitted by a parent


April 17, 2014

All Saints is Newport County’s STEAM Academy. It’s a small school where big dreams come true. Students of all creeds, abilities and income levels are welcomed at ASA. Newport County has many private schools that are financially beyond the means of most families. ASA believes that any child who wants a Catholic or Christian education should receive it and they make it happen. Go Eagles!


April 2014

The staff at All Saints Academy is superb, and the atmosphere is very welcoming and assuring. It teaches for wholeness and holiness.

—Submitted by a parent


April 2014

I am a grandmother and have two grandchildren at All Saints Academy they are sister and brother in grades 4 & 5. Both have been at ASA since kindergarten and I have to say that I absolutely love the school. The classes are small so the children definitely get individual attention. The academics are the finest in my opinion my grandchildren scored 95 & 97 on the national tests. For a small school they excelled in the robotics program on a national level and they have recently introduced hydroponics and set up a make shift greenhouse soliciting help from Salve Regina University. But above and beyond all that the MOST important aspect they teach is kindness and respect. They have an extremely strong focus on anti bullying. When I enter that school I am always greeted by name and usually get a quick update or a funny story about something one of my grandkids did recently. It really feels like a family. My grandchildren absolutely love school and to me that says it all.


April 16, 2014

All Saint’s Academy (ASA) has been so welcoming, nuturing and definetely meets all of our needs. Our son has thrived at ASA and looks forward to school every day. There are no morning struggles…he loves the uniform and gleefully goes off for another exciting day. At the dinner table we hear all about the science project they worked on or what their “God-story’ was for the day. We are impressed by the teachers, especially Miss Dawn in Pre-K! ASA’s Pre-K program is second to none and thoroughly prepares your child for Kindergarten. Our son has performed in numerous Broadway-style theatrical performances and has gained a real sense of community. We love that ASA has embraced STEAM; there is no wait list to get into a charter school, plus, of course, the added benefit of religious studies = a well-rounded education…and child! There are a lot of activities for the entire family to enjoy together and the parent network is fabulous! If you are considering ASA, I cannot encourage you enough to just take a tour… take the first step towards enriching your child’s education and sending your child to a truly exceptional school!

—Submitted by a parent


April 2014

ASA is a caring community of dedicated teachers! Dr Finnegan is a great principle who cares about his staff and the children under his care. He is a principle who is involved with the children’s daily lives at school. For a small private school they offer an extensive educational program with some fun extra curricular programs to, such as Lego Robotics, a hydroponics lab, Spanish, art etc I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a nurturing environment and a good education!

—Submitted by a parent


April 2014

All Saints Academy has small classrooms so you get a lot of the teachers time. ASA is strong and advanced in STEAM programs. This is a school that makes learning fun.

—Submitted by a parent


April 2014

All Saints Academy is a small school with a big heart. The class sizes are small so the children get individualized attention and nobody slips through the cracks. The small class size allows the school to place children wherever their needs will best be met. The teachers are attentive to each student and there is good communication between parents and teachers. For a small organization, the school offers a wide variety of after school activities, many which have a STEAM flavor. Many of the activities are made possible by the parents who volunteer their time.

—Submitted by a parent


October 2013

All Saints Academy is a place where children can grow!!! Each year I watch my son thrive under the guidance of his teachers and everyone at the school. When Hillary Clinton said ” It takes a village to raise a child” All Saints Academy became a perfect model for that statement. Everyone at the school helps with each stage of development and the school becomes your family. It is truly a warm and comfortable place where everyone walks in as strangers but leaves as friends/family. I know that the children coming from the school will be able to be a productive member of society as well as be able to give back to the community. It is also nice to be able to be in a school where God’s word is not only taught but practiced. The children pray and learn how to show empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings. It is encourage to show kindness, and to give to each other and it is cool to be smart and kind. I only wish that every child could have the opportunity to attend such a school. I know that if every child could be raised in this environment the world would be a better place. All Saints Academy is the best school around with everyone smiling and happy. It is Great!!!

—Submitted by a parent


October 2013

A very good school and community to send your children. I would send my kids again.

—Submitted by a parent


October 2013

If your looking for a new school, relocating or moving to the area or just want to send your child to a place where they can grow and succeed, then All Saints Academy is the place for you. A small private school tucked away safely behind St. Lucy’s church in Middletown, RI, this school offers small classes, an amazing dedicated and caring faculty, and one of the best Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programs in the state. They are World Robotics Champions, thats right WORLD champions. The school offers state of the art technology to all of the students, new computers and smart boards in every classroom starting in PRE-K all the way through grade 8. We have been at this school for 3 years and my daughter looks forward every day to going to school. This school feels like a family from the day you start. If your looking for a caring, kind and nurturing environment for child come check out All Saints Academy, you find all that your looking for and more.

—Submitted by a parent


October 2013

This school has been an incredible blessing to our family. We are a military family and the All Saints family has adopted us like we have lived here forever. We had experience with Ms. Gay (while she was doing preschool), Ms. Dawn (pre-K), and Mrs. Green(kindergarten). Each of these ladies was so gifted in bringing out the best in our kids (despite some rather infamous quirkiness!) and our kids loved their teachers and their time at ASA. In addition to wonderful teachers, the staff at ASA is second to none. Mrs. Klegraef in the front office, Mrs. Maloney, and Dr. Finnegan have all been so supportive of our kids and our family. I am more than a little sad that we can’t take them with us to our next duty station! If you are looking for a top-notch education, you couldn’t do better than All Saints.

—Submitted by a parent

August 2014

Dear Dr. Finnegan and Mrs. Klegraefe,

We just met with Ryan’s new school guidance counselor and she would like to have a copy of Ryan’s ASA transcript. Ryan would like to let Mrs. Villareal know that he received a 5 on his AP European History exam. Mrs. Brouse will be happy to know that there is a robotics class here at Naples High School. Ryan has already spoken with the teacher and he will likely be a TA this year with Engineering CAD, Robotics and other computer science classes. The class will learn about and build a trebuchet in Engineering CAD, which is what Ryan did for his science fair project at ASA. I give high praise to his foundations at ASA with the rigorous curriculum and his participation in 4 years of robotics. We cannot say enough about our time at ASA for both kids


The Lees

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